Thanks for being patient, everyone. I finally found those great interviews Idina gave in print this past week. First comes an interview with New York gay publication, HX Magazine, where she is featured on the cover! The adorable and fun interview can be viewed by visiting the magazine’s website. CLICK HERE TO READ.

In another interview reaching out to her gay fanbase, Idina gave a great new interview to Bryan Ochalla for online publication,, which can also be viewed at the magazine’s website.

NEW LAYOUT (v 5.0)!

In celebration of the release of Idina’s new album, “I Stand”, I’ve put up a brand new layout, courtesy of Natalie @! I wanted to put something up that was a little bit different than what I’ve had up before, as well as something that was congruent with the look and feel of her new CD!

Hopefully you all like it as much as I do, and I also hope that navigation from this site to Idina’s official pages has been made a little easier with the links placed above the main entries. smile

So let me know what you think of the new layout, and keep an eye out for any inconsistencies with color or whatnot within the layout – it’s so easy to miss one little thing! Thanks everyone!

ps. There’s a bunch of interviews with Idina that have hit the net over the past few days. I promise to post those, as well as all other recent news, later today – getting the layout ready has taken some time, so I’m a bit behind!

NEW OFFICIAL SITE + CONTACT IDINA + HQ PROMO PICS has just been re-lauched with a BRAND NEW LAYOUT and a bunch of new features! Be sure to register to get access to even more features! The new site definitely looks beautiful, so go take a look!

Another new feature is one I know everyone has been waiting for! Finally, fans can CONTACT IDINA, either by “snail mail” or by sending an e-mail (check the Idina-Here sidebar for full address.) So be sure to send her your support and encouragement, as I’m sure this upcoming week will be super busy and crazy for her!

I’ve had these for awhile, but since smaller versions were finally added to the official site, I figure, WHY WAIT?! Some incredibly beautiful promotional pictures from Idina’s WBR photoshoot have been added to the Gallery, and while I’m sure you may have seen them before, you definitely haven’t seen them in gorgeous high quality! Click below to view them.



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    All the winners have been sent e-mails with instructions on how to claim their prize! If you’ve been announced a winner, e-mail a response ASAP!

    To everyone else who submitted, a BIG THANK YOU! We had over 1600 submissions! This will definitely not by the last giveaway here at tongue


    Submissions for the Idina Menzel Autograph Giveaway have officially closed! Thank you to everyone who entered, and good luck!

    Winners will be announced here in a new update in approx. 2 hours, so please check back to see if you’ve won! Remember, all winners have 8 hours after the e-mail is sent to them to verify their win. smile