A very special thanks to Mariana for sending this special to me — the Brazilian release of the Ask the Dust DVD includes short interview snipets of Idina talking about the film in the Special Features (which, sadly, is not on the U.S. DVD *shakes head*). So! Thanks again to Mariana for thinking to share this with all of us, download the video on the Movies Page in the Video Archive, or click on the link below.

Ask the Dust DVD Interview
Description: Interview, Brazilian DVD Special Feat.
Time: 2:04
Size: 63.2 MB


I am so sorry for being gone the last week – things have been busy! And apparently, they’ve been busy for Idina as well! As many of you have probably heard by now, our diva made a surprise appearance at the Pier Dance 2007, which is part of NYC’s Gay Pride festivities. I didn’t even know about it until after it was done, so I apologize for not getting that info to you in advance – it was a surprise, after all.

Pictures haven’t surfaced yet, but a small video that features a section of Idina performing the Tracy Young remix of “Defying Gravity” can be found here: YouTube.com (she also performed a new remix of her song “So Beautiful”, which unfortunately, we don’t have audio for at the moment.)

Next, another incredible treat!! Somehow, video has surfaced of Idina performing at an Off-Broadway revue, “Starting Here Starting… Off”, back in 1990 – at the ripe old age of 19! Sporting a more classically trained sound, Idina sings the Broadway tune “Sleepy Man” in this really awesome video. smile


Last night, Idina attended the opening of the Public Theatre’s presentation of Romeo & Juliet at Shakespeare in the Park. A handful of medium quality photos have been added to the Gallery, and I’ll try to put more up as soon as I can find some. smile Enjoy!


Thanks so much to Melanie for getting this online so quickly – I’ve just added the video of Idina and Taye presenting the Tony Award for Best Original Score earlier tonight. The awards are still airing on the East Coast and have yet to air on the West Coast, so… SPOILER WARNING! Do not watch the video if you do not want to know the winner of this award. (Commenters, no spoiling, either!) The video can be found in the Public Appearances section of the Video Archive.

Tony Awards 2007 – presenter
Description: Presenting Best Original Score with Taye Diggs.
Time: 1:36
Size: 12.8 MB


I’m adding them to this site as they’re added to the net – gorgeous photos of Idina arriving at the 2007 Tony Awards in NYC. To keep up on images being added from the event, visit the album here, or click the images below.

The event is currently airing on the east coast, but Idina’s already made her presenting appearance! She presented BEST ORIGINAL SCORE with husband, Taye Diggs, which aired approx. 35 minutes into the telecast. Once it airs here on the West Coast (where I am), I will put the video online for download. Thanks everyone! Enjoy the pictures – they’re beautiful!

EDIT: Please DO NOT discuss the winners of the Tony Awards categories in the comments! I want this post to be West Coast viewer-friendly. Thank you!