Idina’s Official website,, has been updated with a brand new look! From what I’ve heard, a lot more is expected to be added wink (this is just a teaser!), so make sure you venture over there to take a peak.

Featured now is the new Glen Ballard remixed version of “Defying Gravity” (much in demand, I believe.) Go listen and chat about what you think!


As you can see, I’ve updated with a new layout. Those new photoshoot photos were such a treat, I didn’t want them to go to waste. I’m not sure how long this layout will be up – maybe just through the summer, maybe not even that. Either way, I hope you love it!

Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think. If there are any discrepancies on other pages (like coloring is off, etc.), feel free to leave a comment below, letting me know, and I’ll fix it ASAP.

Thanks everyone!


Thanks to Justine for finding and donating these beautiful photos. I’ve uploaded a handful of outtakes from two different photoshoots! These new, exclusive pics are just gorgeous, so I’m glad they’re finally being seen by Idina’s fans. smile The images can be viewed by clicking on the links or the images below.

  • Nicholas Samartis Photoshoot (x4) (for Vogue magazine)
  • Jonathan Glynn Smith Photoshoot (x22) (for Evening Standard [UK] magazine)

    New Affiliates: Another Day: A Rent Fansite, Unlimited: A Wicked Fansite, Panic! At the Disco Fansite, Hot Pussycat Dolls


    The 2005 documentary, Show Business: The Road to Broadway, is getting off the ground, scheduling screenings across the country (and promoting on their new Official and MySpace websites)! I’m trying to incorporate more about the film into the site, like on the film page and the Gallery, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested.

    Upcoming Screenings:
    May 11 – NYC, Landmark Sunshine Cinema
    June 1 – Los Angeles, Westside Pavilion
    June 8 – Rochester, The Little Theatre
    June 8 – Boston, Kendall Square Cinema
    June 8 – Chicago, Music Box Theatre
    June 8 – SF, Landmark Embarcadero Center
    June 22 – Atlanta, Midtown Art Center
    June 22 – Washington DC, E Street Cinema
    June 29 – Seattle, Varsity Theatre
    July 13 – St. Louis, Tivoli Theatre

    Please visit the Official Site for future bookings. I will also do my best to post news here as well. wassat


    I’m still looking for more images of Idina at Sunday night’s White Party (more specifically, the “T-Dance”), but for now, one fun and hair-tastic picture has surfaced for your viewing pleasure! I’ve also added another web-ad for the event, which was on the White Party’s official site — it’s the same picture as before, but bigger and right-side up. wassat

    The re-mixed version of “Defying Gravity”, which Idina sang for the crowd at the aforementioned event, can now be heard on DJ Tracy Young’s Official MySpace Page. Check it out! Classic dance re-mix!

    E!Online has posted a small snipet about Idina’s T-Dance appearance, commending her crowd-pleasing performance! Click here to read the article.