So I wanted to officially announce a few London TV appearances Idina is set to take part in while she’s in the UK — First, the cast will appear on the “Children in Need” special night of programming on November 17 @ 11:30pm-midnight (visit the Official Site.) Then, on December 4, they’ll be at the 78th Annual Royal Variety Show which airs on the BBC — it is a special night of live performances at the London Coliseum in which members of the British Royal Family will be in attendence (visit the Official Site.) I’m hoping to get both of these videos for the site, since they’re not on in the States, so no worries wassat

A lot of Fan Photos have been added to the Gallery in different sections. Updated Albums: See What I Wanna See Stage Door (x1), Summer Concert Tour 2005 (x1), Dress Circle signing in London (x16), and Wicked in London Stage Door.

Again, if you’re interested in sending any fan pics for any of these albums (or others), e-mail an attachment to kim[at]

NOTE: Due to a very busy (school-related) month I have ahead of me, there may be less updates over the next few weeks. I will continue to add Fan Pics and any breaking news (and if the Q&A comes in, I’ll make time for that too), but other than that, don’t expect too much. Sorry guys, just wanted to let you all know. Thanks!


Sorry for making all of you guys wait so long for this. Thanks to Hayley for sending me the .wmv file – Idina’s appearance on “Richard & Judy” (from back in August) has been added to the Talk Shows section of the Video Archive. I’m still attempting to get an even better quality version off of a DVD, which was sent to me by the lovely Charlotte, so if the video is replaced, I promise to let you all know.

Richard & Judy [UK] – August 24, 2006
Description: Interview on the morning talk show.
Time: 8:48
Size: 36.3 MB


Thanks to the wonderful Debra, I’ve uploaded today’s episode of “Blue Peter”, the UK TV program, in which the cast of Wicked appeared to sing “One Short Day” from the show. Idina and Helen gave a short interview at the end (both looked stunning), so be sure to download the video to check it out! It can be found in the Talk Shows section of the Video Archive, or downloaded directly below. [“Richard & Judy” will be coming soon, I promise! Thanks to all those people who have e-mailed me offering their help, it’s much appreciated.] wassat

Blue Peter [UK] – October 30, 2006 | NEW!
Description: The London cast performs “One Short Day”.
Time: 6:06
Size: 62.3 MB


Announced yesterday at ‘Wicked Day’ in London, the cast of the West End production will be appearing on the British show “Blue Peter” tomorrow, Oct. 30th @ 5pm on BBC 1 (then repeated at 6:30pm on the CBBC Channel.) The cast is supposed to be on, which I’m assuming means Idina will as well, but I don’t know for sure. Visit the Official Site here. Hopefully someone will be able to tape it so I can get it up online (I’m still working on “Richard & Judy”, sorry guys – the DVD doesn’t play on my player, so I have to find a different player.) Anyways, hope everyone sees it!

Also, I’m collecting more Fan Photos to add on the next Gallery update, so if anyone has any they’d like displayed in the Gallery, please send them as attachments to: kim[at]

I huge thank you goes out to Emma Jane and another Anonymous contributer for making generous donations to the site! It is so appreciated. wassat

[ps. Of course, I must thank everyone for sending in their questions for the upcoming Q&A! I hope everyone will understand that I can’t send all of them, as much as I may like to. Also, please be patient while we wait for her to find time in her busy schedule to do this. I will send them on Monday morning, so we’ll see from there smile)


OK, Q&A stuff first — I have received hundreds and hundreds of submissions over the past week, and I’ve gotten some great questions! However, due to the overwhelming response, I’m going to make the cut-off time a little sooner (just for my own sanity)… so the new deadline will be Saturday, October 28 @ 8pm. That way, I can send the questions off Monday morning smile – I hope that’s alright with everyone. Also, just a reminder: because there are so many submissions, not everyone’s will be added! I tried to pick a variety of things to cover all the bases, but that means cutting out a lot. Definitely don’t want to overwhelm Idina on the first go-around. Right? Right. I knew you’d understand. wassat

Next, more Gallery updates! Still going through the last of the HQ pics I have, but since more albums were updated, I thought I’d let you all know. Most of these pics are new, though some are – like said before – replacing older, smaller, LQ versions. So check out the new ones by looking at the recently added section, or by clicking on the album links below:

  • The Comeback Premiere (HQ – 20x)
  • “Rent” Opening Night w/ Joey Fatone (HQ – 4x; MQ – 1x)
  • “RENT 10” – 10th Anniversary Benefit (HQ – 11x)
  • Tony Awards 2004 Nominee Luncheon (HQ – 9x)
  • Tony Awards 2005 (HQ – 17x)
  • “The Public Sings” Benefit Concert (HQ – 2x)
  • Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2006 (HQ – 19x)