ANNOUNCEMENT: So I have quite a treat for everyone. You likely didn’t know this, but Idina and her people are big fans of this site! wassat They’ve agreed to allow me to set up a type of Q&A to send to Idina herself, which will require help from all of you! I have set up a new e-mail and a new submission form specifically for this, so that means if you have a question you’ve been dying to ask Idina, this is the time to ask it!

Now don’t get too excited yet, ok? wink There are rules to this shin-dig, and everyone must read them. It’s a requirement! There are terms to this, and you all should understand them before proceeding with sending in you question. (I’ll know if you didn’t read them, trust me.)

edit: This Q&A submission session will be CLOSED on Nov. 6 Wed. Oct. 31, 2006 Sat. Oct. 28, 2006. (wow! way less time is needed! smile) Get your questions in now! Once I’ve compiled all of them, they will be sent to Idina — Once she’s had the chance to answer them all, they’ll be returned to me to be posted on the site.

So there you are! Surprise! Think good and hard about making your question great, because not all questions will be added to the Q&A. Okie dokie, onto the form!

Read the rules, then send your question!


Just a small news update: Idina will be making a public appearance in London to sign the cast recording of Wicked at Dress Circle (a musical theatre shop.) The signing will take place on Friday, October 27, between 3-4pm only. According to the website, only CDs purchased in the store that day can be presented at the signing. Read more about the event here.


I just added a very small (but fun) video to the Video Archive of Idina and Taye at the How Stella Got Her Groove Back Premiere from back in 1998. smile Thanks to Nessa for sending it to me. It can be found in the Public Appearances section, so check it out!

How Stella Got Her Groove Back – August 3, 1998
Description: Coverage of the World Premiere screening.
Time: 0:32
Size: 4.95


The first of a small handful of updates to come: over the past few days, I’ve been uploading more HQ photos to the gallery (as some of you might have noticed.) A total of 170 HQ Pictures have been added, along with a few low quality pics here and there. Again, a lot of these are HQ versions of ones already in the Gallery, but there are definitely a lot of new ones! I still have more to upload, so keep an eye out for those, as well as upcoming updates (including the suprise later this week wink )

  • Drama Desk Awards 2004 (HQ – 33x)
  • Drama League Awards 2004 (HQ – 13x)
  • ‘Hollywood Meets Motown Benefit (HQ – 27x)
  • NY Stage & Film Gala (HQ – 1x) *
  • Ellen Degeneres, ‘Rent’ Cast (HQ – 1x)
  • The Bourne Identity NYC Premiere (HQ – 3x)
  • The Best Man NYC Premiere (HQ – 2x)
  • The Best Man LA Premiere (HQ – 1x)
  • Today Show, ‘Rent’ Cast 8/4/05 (HQ – 53x, LQ – 5x)
  • Today Show Rehearsals, ‘Rent’ Cast (HQ – 12x) *
  • Taye & Idina Shop in SoHo (HQ – 24x)

    Wow, how could I forget the 1 Year Anniversary of Idina-Here?? wassat Well, as many of you know, yesterday was the 1st B-Day of the site (at its current location, 2nd B-Day of its original), and I wanted to take this time to thank every one of you for visiting, supporting, encouraging, and contributing to Idina-Here over the past year or more. Because of that, I’m hoping the site will be around for a LONG time to come! tongue

    Keep an eye out for more updates, including a lot more HQ photos, a couple videos, and a special surprise that I’m sure you’ll all love!