Idina Performs Let It Go with Taylor Swift!

Idina Menzel celebrated Halloween in a pretty epic fashion – by dressing up as Elsa and performing ‘Let It Go’ with Taylor Swift at Taylor’s Tampa, FL concert! Idina appeared dressed as Elsa and then in true diva fashion had a mid-song quick change. Here are pics:

And, a short clip of the performance:

Thank you @taylorswift! That was definitely an out of body experience. Or out of Elsa's body experience! #1989tourtampa

A video posted by Idina Menzel (@idinamenzel) on

A full video:

Vídeo completo da Taylor Swift cantando "Let It Go" com a Idina Menzel. #1989TourTampa

Posted by Swift Brasil on Sunday, November 1, 2015

Plus, Idina shared an amusing quip about her Elsa costume:

A video posted by Idina Menzel (@idinamenzel) on

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“Guardian Angels” Available on iTunes Now!

Idina Menzel’s duet with Placido Domino, Guardian Angels, is available on iTunes now! The song is featured on his Christmas album, My Christmas. The song is amazing, and it’s only .99, so download it now!

In unrelated news, Idina has been busy launching the If/Then tour in Denver. The Denver Center for Performing Arts has been posting interviews with the cast, including Idina, every day. You can watch their video playlist here.

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