‘The Chew’ & ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ Pics

You may have seen these if you follow @idina_here on twitter, but a proper post is still in order. Once again thanks to Re from Lea Michele Web for ‘The Chew’ pics.

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Missed ‘The View’? Watch the full episode here!

Missed ‘The Chew’? I did too! Haven’t find video yet, if anyone finds it please share in the comments. Edit below!

Missed ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’? No, you didn’t! It airs on Saturday in the UK. On ITV, at 10pm. So make sure to watch if you’re in the UK.

Post edited.‘The Chew’ video below. Thanks Sakina for posting the link to it!

Odds & Ends…

Before we start, reminder that next week we have two confirmed TV appearances: Idina will be on Jimmy Fallon on Monday, and on The Chew on Thursday. More info on sidebar.

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