These surfaced a few days ago, but I just got them, so I thought I’d make a quick update. While Idina was in London last week, she was able to pick up her WhatsOnStage.com Theatre Choice Award, as well as take a few cute pictures! There are 5 HQ images, which I’ve added to the Gallery, so please take a look.

EDIT (2/19/07, 5:15PM PST):
Images removed at the request of the copyright owner. Sorry guys.

Also, a special ‘thank you’ to Tammy B. for making a very generous donation to the site. It is appreciated so much!


Hey guys! As promised, and special thanks to Becky, I’ve put up Idina’s section of the Mermaid concert which just (actually, is still!) airing on Radio 2 BCC! I know I said I’d put up the entire first hour of the show, and I will this weekend, but I didn’t want to keep people waiting smile

I’ve added one track which includes, in their entirety, “Where Do I Begin” and “The Prayer” (sung with Josh Groban) — It’s in mp3 format, so playable with every player, and it’s a little over 8 MB (aka not that big). So please enjoy, and like I said, this smaller track will likely disappear once I get the entire first act, so if you don’t care about the other part of the concert, snatch this up now! (Otherwise you’ll have to cut it up yourself.) wassat

  • Download: Idina @ the Mermaid Theatre, London – 2/12/07

    I’m going to be gone all weekend, just in case people were wondering. So don’t be worried if there aren’t updates for a few days, hahaa — I know, I’ve spoiled you all with the frequent fun stuff lately. I’ll still be in internet range, so I’ll check mail, but probably won’t make an update unless it’s something huge. All the best, folks!

    And enjoy the track! Discuss your thoughts in the comments, and I’ll enjoy reading them when I get back. smile


    Thanks to a special person (who will remain nameless), I am putting up as a preview, 1 minute clips of Idina’s recent performance with Josh Groban at the Mermaid in London. The reason I’m doing clips is because it’s just a preview for Friday’s broadcast (which will have the whole song… so be patient.) Remember, this site doesn’t share full songs individually cut. But the clips are beautiful and totally worth it, and hopefully they’ll quench your curiosity for just a few more days.

    Onto the songs! The first song is Idina’s new, original music, soon to make an appearance on her latest solo album with Warner Brothers Records! I think it’s hauntingly stunning. The last song is Idina’s opening to the popular duet, “The Prayer” (her beautiful harmonies with Josh will have to be saved until Friday wassat) Enjoy!

  • Download: “Where Do I Begin” (1:08)
  • Download: “The Prayer” (0:59) [p.s. Don’t forget to check out the previous post for information on Idina’s films Show Business and Water]

    EDIT: I’ve gotten a few questions, so I thought I’d say here. Idina comes out at the concert about 40 minutes in, following the violin solo. Some of you may not have the time to listen to the whole thing, which is why I’m telling you. However, I highly recommend listening to the entire show, seeing as Josh is an incredible vocalist (one of my personal favorites.) The concert runs just under 2 hours, and Idina doesn’t perform during the 2nd half. They may edit a bit during the broadcast for time, but hopefully all of Idina’s parts will remain. smile


    As some of you may have noticed a few new “FILM” listings have appeared along the side bar over the past few days. Now, this doesn’t mean there are a bunch of new movies starring Idina that everyone will get to see tomorrow. I wish. In actuality, these are films that Idina filmed several years ago that are just now breaking through the surface of public knowledge. So I thought I’d provide you with as much information as I could.

    “Show Business”:
    This is a documentary from Dori Berinstein, originally filmed in 2003-2004, chronicling the ‘road to Broadway’ for four shows that season: Avenue Q, Caroline, or Change, Taboo, and Wicked. In the film, there is incredible footage (which includes Idina getting the green makeup put on for the very first time), and it is also where her version of “Lullaby of Broadway” plays during the closing credits (a clip of that can be downloaded here.)

    As of right now, the filmmakers are trying to get a wider distribution, as the documentary had been screened a few times last year in NYC. This means that a theatrical release is in the works (limited, most likely), as well as a potential DVD release. The film will be released in New York City on May 11, 2007, maybe elsewhere after that. Any other information I find will be posted here, so keep an eye out, alright? To view the trailer (which is actually just a clip featuring Idina), click here.

    Now to the film no one’s ever seen. This is a film, originally filmed in 2004 and screened at the New York Film and Video Festival in Dec. 2004, is an independent movie written/directed/produced by Jennifer Houlton. Idina plays the lead character, Jessy Turner, who travels to a small New England island after hearing her sister has turned up dead. It’s a mystery/thriller where she attempts to find out what really happened.

    After years of hearing nothing, the director has finally released the trailer on video site, YouTube. To view it, click here. No information about any kind of release, theatrical or DVD, has been announced — and right now, there’s no reason to believe it will. But! I’m hopeful! wassat I will announce any updates on the subject here for everyone to see, and keep tabs on the sidebar for changing info, since sometimes I’m lazy and just change that. I’ll do my best to keep everyone in the know, though.

    I’ve also heard that Idina’s concert with Josh Groban Monday night in London went extremely well! Idina sang a new song, titled “Where Do I Begin” (I believe, correct me if I’m wrong), as well as “The Prayer”, a duet with Josh. The concert will be airing on the radio and will be available for streaming after 7:30PM (London time) on Friday, Feb. 16th. So check it out at 2:30PM (EST) and 11:30AM (PST). I’ll be putting the full concert up to download this weekend, most likely, but hopefully I’ll get ahold of a few sneak-peeks of both tracks before then. wink Keep checkin’ back!


    First off: Congratulations to Idina for winning Best Actress in a Musical at the Whatsonstage.com Theatregoers’ Choice Awards! Idina won the award, voted by the legions of fans that saw her incredible performance in London this past fall. Wicked was also the receiver of the Best Supporting Actress in a Musical award (Miriam Margolyes), Best Set Designer (Eugene Lee), and Best New Musical. Congratulations to the entire show! (to view the other winners, click here.)

    Acceptance/Response from Idina:
    “To all of you wonderful theatregoers who voted for me, thank you so much for this amazing honour. I could not have imagined a better way to make my West End debut than with this unbelievable cast and crew and the incredible love and support that everyone has shown me. I came to this town with some old green make-up and left completely in love with the people and the city. It means so much to me that the green girl was greeted with such warmth and was able to make her transcontinental voyage. This has been a life-changing experience for me that wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for all of you. Can’t wait to come back soon!”

    In other news, I’ve received word about Idina’s upcoming concert appearance with Josh Groban — She will be singing a duet with Josh, and then singing a new song that she has been working on for her new album! I will be trying to get the concert from the radio and up here for everyone to download. tongue

    Following the Radio 2 BBC concert, Idina will be returning to LA to finish her album.