Happy Wicked-versary!!

Wow, can you believe it’s been 10 years since Wicked first opened on Broadway? In honor of this special anniversary, I’ve created a little slideshow of some of the most memorable pictures. The slideshow ends with one of my favorite videos.  Enjoy!


[slideshow_deploy id=’4685′]

Idina & Kristin Reunite & a Special If/Then Sneak Peek

On Friday, a very special issue of Entertainment Weekly will hit newsstands!  Why is it so special?  Well…let’s see…it’s a reunion of our favorite Wicked witches!  A couple of images have been posted all over the internet.  Click below to view them in the gallery.  You can read more about EW’s reunions article here.




And over at Broadway.com, you can hear an exclusive peek of Idina singing the opening song from If/Then!  Click HERE!   It’s an exciting Broadway-news-related day!


Video: Idina & Taye on the Today Show

The interview featuring Idina and Taye and their work with A BroaderWay aired on the Today show this morning.  Check out the video below!  It’s a great interview.  If you wish to find out more about A BroaderWay, check out their website here.


Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Speaking of Idina’s return to theater, a little sneak preview of If/Then has been released!  Check it out!


TV Alert: A clip about Idina’s A BroaderWay charity and camp is supposed to air on the Today Show on Thursday, September 19th.


Gallery Update:  the gallery has been updated with recent pictures from the US Open and the Disney Expo for Frozen

Samsung’s Hope for Children Thank You for A BroaderWay

Continuing on our theme of fun new videos from Idina, here’s one just posted today!  Awhile back, Idina’s charity A BroaderWay participated in Samsung’s Hope for Children campaign.  Through social media, the charity that received the most votes was awarded a grant from Samsung.  A BroaderWay won!  As a thank you to the highest voter, Idina and Taye made a fun little video while at the airport waiting for their flight to head to camp.  You’ve never heard “I’m Not That Girl” like this before!