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I appreciate any donations of any size!  I am looking forward to all to come in the next year, with the release of Frozen, Idina’s return to theater, and whatever else she has up her sleeve!  We’ll have lots to post and talk about!


Speaking of Idina’s return to theater, a little sneak preview of If/Then has been released!  Check it out!


TV Alert: A clip about Idina’s A BroaderWay charity and camp is supposed to air on the Today Show on Thursday, September 19th.


Gallery Update:  the gallery has been updated with recent pictures from the US Open and the Disney Expo for Frozen

Samsung’s Hope for Children Thank You for A BroaderWay

Continuing on our theme of fun new videos from Idina, here’s one just posted today!  Awhile back, Idina’s charity A BroaderWay participated in Samsung’s Hope for Children campaign.  Through social media, the charity that received the most votes was awarded a grant from Samsung.  A BroaderWay won!  As a thank you to the highest voter, Idina and Taye made a fun little video while at the airport waiting for their flight to head to camp.  You’ve never heard “I’m Not That Girl” like this before!

Amazing performance of Imagine!

Idina has been promoting and fundraising for her charity A BroaderWay recently and one of the places she performed was the NY City Center on July 25th.  Check out this beautiful performance of Idina singing “Imagine.”  It brought me to tears!

If/Then & Frozen updates, plus a contest!


Idina fans have until August 4th to take advantage of a special presale for the upcoming new musical If/Then at the National Theatre in Washington DC this November.  Click here to purchase tickets using the presale code IDINA.


Speaking of November, have you seen the trailer for the Disney movie Frozen?  The trailer doesn’t feature Idina’s character, but it’s super cute anyway!  Watch here.  There have been new pictures released of Idina’s character though.  What do you think?



In honor of Idina’s busy November, let’s have a little contest!  Just answer the trivia question below and submit your name and email address.  I’ll select one winner on July 28th, noon EST to win a t-shirt with the logo pictured below!  One entry per person please.



Ready for some Glee?

If you can’t wait until Thursday for Idina’s return to Glee, you can visit the iTunes tore and purchase Idina and Lea’s duet.  They’re singing Emile Sande’s “Next to Me” and it sounds amazing!!  Click the image below to go to the iTunes page.


A couple of stills from Thursday’s episode are available in the gallery.

Also, if you pick up the current issue of People magazine, there’s a couple of q&a’s with Idina to celebrate the upcoming Glee show.  And when *someone* finally remembers to buy a copy, there’ll be a visual available! :)


Here’s  a  quick run-down of the next few weeks:

April 18th – Don’t miss Idina’s return to GLEE!

April 24th – Idina will perform a special show in London called “Idina Menzel and Friends” that will be recorded for BBC Radio.

April 26th – “Idina Menzel and Friends” is broadcast on BBC Radio 2 at 8:00 GMT

April 27th – Performance at G-A-Y Club (18+ only)

April 28th – Idina will perform at the Olivier Awards.  Audio will be available to stream on BBC Radio 2.

May 1 – Tickets go on sale for Idina’s performance July 18th at the Appalachian Summer Festival in Boone, North Carolina