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Frozen – LIVE!

Frozen – LIVE!

Okay, not really….but last night, Disney hosted a special, private showcase in honor of the movie’s success.  Many of the actors were present to sing their songs from the movie, including Idina! Here’s one little clip:


Also at the event, Idina and others were presented with a gold record to commemorate selling more than 500,000 physical copies.  Pictures from the event have been added to the gallery.  Click on the image below to view more.

To hear more about the event, check out some of the following sites:

Stitch Kingdom

Entertainment Weekly

Hollywood Reporter


Also, did you catch the annual “I’m going to Disney World!” commercial by the MVP of the Super Bowl?  And if so, did you happen to notice who was singing “When You Wish Upon a Star?”  Yup, Idina!  Now, who do we talk to about being able to purchase a full-length version of that song….

TV Alerts!

TV Alerts!

Idina will be a guest on CBS’s The Talk on December 13th.  Check your local listings for time and channel!


Also, PBS will air a special documentary on Friday, December 27th, Marvin Hamlish: What He Did for Love.  Idina, among others will share memories of Marvin in what will sure be an emotional show.

Happy Premiere Day for If/Then and Some Frozen News!

Happy Premiere Day for If/Then and Some Frozen News!

There’s lots and lots of press going around for all of Idina’s projects right now as If/Then prepares to open tonight in DC and Frozen premieres later this month.  Two highlights are:

There’s a great writeup in the Washington Post about If/Then.  Check it out!

Idina Menzel, defying gravity again

And over on WebMD, there’s a fun interview:


If you’re attending one of the preview performances in DC and would like to share your experience with fellow fans, please email me at Jill@ with your (spoiler-free!) review!  Unfortunately, I will not be seeing the DC shows (and I’m so, so sad about it too!!!), but you can help me and others by letting us know your thoughts on the show (positive and/or constructive only please – it is out of town tryouts after all!), favorite moments, what makes you cry (cause you know you’re going to!), or your favorite song.  I’ll create a page to post all of the reviews I receive.  I can’t wait to hear about it!


IdinaMenzel_National Theatre


More If/Then news:

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FROZEN press:

Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Josh Gad voicestar in Disney’s first widescreen fairy tale since “Sleeping Beauty.”

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More Wicked-versary press:

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