London Recap

So, Idina finished up a huge concert at Royal Albert Hall in London earlier today, in case you had somehow missed the news she was there. ;)  Luckily for all of us who couldn’t be there, Idina-Here’s field correspondent Miriam was there and offered up a blog post for us to read!  Thanks Miriam!  Pictures will be added to the gallery over the next few days as more are posted.

And if you’re as bummed as I am about not going to London, you still have the chance to win something autographed by Idina in the new “Who Said That?” Glee contest!  Just a reminder that the Glee contest ends on Tuesday.  Click here for the contest and details. 

Miriam’s review:

So I’m a New Yorker living in London until December. Luckily for me I came in time to see Idina Menzel in concert. The evening began with my friend Alexa and I getting lost on our way to the theatre. We ended up getting to the theatre at 6:30pm so we had plenty of time. We went to find sandwiches and in order to do so we needed to go into the theatre. Don’t ask me, it didn’t make sense. The stewards told us to go up to the galleries and have our tickets exchanged because they were moving people down to the stalls. I’m pretty sure we were the first ones up there because the theatre was empty. We found a steward and were given seats in the third row of the center stalls. These seats were pretty fantastic. Then we went to find food, but that was a failed attempt.

The concert began late. It didn’t start until after 7:45pm when it was supposed to start at 7:30. The orchestra came on and did a A Chorus Line medley. Marvin Hamlisch talked about how much he’s loved working with Idina. He reassured the audience that she was backstage. And then introduced his next piece which was a My Fair Lady medley. Then there was an interval. I don’t know why we needed a break after two pieces but I took that time to buy a shirt. They have Idina’s emblem with the signature on the front but on top of the signature her name is printed, it’s a little odd, but the back has a picture of the Royal Albert Hall and says “Idina Menzel Royal Albert Hall 6 October 2011 London UK.”

The interval was 15 or 20 minutes and then the concert started up again. Idina started with one of my all time favorites “Life of the Party” from the Andrew Lippa The Wild Party she did in 2000. Then she told a story about getting stuck in customs. She told everyone that when the border patrol officer told her she’d have to go back to the States she said “I whipped around my backpack and took out my Tony.” Then she made a comment about getting her Tony through security and that she didn’t actually bring it with her.

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Toronto Presale

Presale information for Idina’s November 17th & 18th concert in Toronto is now available to fans at  And don’t worry if you can’t make it because the show is supposed to be filmed by PBS!

An article discussing the Toronto show has been posted in the Press Archive, as well as an interview with BBC.  Another press video has popped up as well:


And don’t forget about our Glee contest! Just a reminder that only one entry per person is accepted and multiple entries will be disqualified.  Full details are available in this post.


And More Press!

How amazing was Idina on Glee last night?  I can’t wait to see what happens next!  Screen caps from the episode should be up tomorrow.
And here are more press links.  There will probably still be more yet!  It seems she did quite the press junket to promote Glee.


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And one more interview with Taye, where he discusses family life with Walker, and his and Idina’s future goal of doing a children’s album!


Don’t forget about our Glee contest for your chance to win something signed by Idina!


A Whole Lotta Press Going On….

Idina’s been busy, busy, busy doing a  bunch of press for her return to Glee!  You  are watching tonight, right?

Here’s a rundown on what I have so far (and more will probably pop up and be posted here in the next few days):


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And two new articles involving Idina, though centered around Taye in the Press Archive:

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And one new interview in the Press Archive too:

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Time For A New Contest!

In honor of Idina’s return to Glee this week, I decided to do another contest!

This time we will be having a “Who Said That?” trivia contest and all you have to do choose which Glee character said the following quotes. All of the quotes come from episodes that Idina appeared in.

And don’t stress too much if you don’t know the answer. I’ll choose a winner from the top 25% of people with the most correct answers. So even if you miss one, you could still win!

A valid email address is required to enter. If you are chosen as the winner, you must respond to my confirmation email within 48 hours. I’ll choose the winner on October 12th. Only one entry per person, please. All multiple entries will be discarded and will not count. The winner may choose to receive a signed headshot or a signed “I Stand” promo poster.




Don’t forget to watch Idina’s return to Glee Tuesday night!

And if you follow Idina or Taye on Twitter, you’ll have seen a lot of talk about Taye’s new picture book for children, Chocolate Me! It looks really cute!

Check out his official site for details about book signings. Also, Taye (and Walker too!) are in the current issue of People magazine, which you can see over at our partner,