I hope everyone had a lovely holiday this year! Here are a couple “new” videos for your viewing pleasure. First, the official RENT Facebook page posted a video of Idina singing “Minuet” on VH1, back in 1998. Second, the Dove contest is over, so her final contest video was posted to Dove’s Facebook page. Stream and download below and enjoy!

VH1’s Midnight Minute – 1998
Description: Idina sings 60 seconds of “Minuet,” a cappella.
Time: 1:08 | Size: 6.5 MB
© VH1
Format: .mp4

“Dove Brush With Greatness Sing 4 All” – December 2010
Description: Idina partnered with Dove to promote their “My Favorite Things” singing contest.
Time: 1:01 | Size: 6.3 MB
© Dove
Format: .flv


Since launching our official Twitter in July 2009, we have earned nearly 2,000 followers – wow! In celebration of this (and to push us over that awesome benchmark), we are announcing a Twitter contest which begins the moment you are reading this!


– Get your friends to follow @idina_here!


– Ask your followers, friends, and family to follow @idina_here.
– They must tweet @idina_here with the message, “I’m following @idina_here because [your Twitter name] told me to!”
For example: “I’m following @idina_here because @idinamenzel told me to!”
– Whoever gets the most users following us wins an autographed 8×10 photo of Idina!


– You must have a Twitter account and follow @idina_here.
– Those who begin to follow @idina_here at your request must continue to do so until November 23 at 11:59 pm ET (though really, why would they want to unfollow?).
– You have until November 23, at 11:59 pm ET to encourage your friends to follow. Followers after this deadline will not be counted (but will be welcomed!).
– If they fail to include your Twitter name in their “I’m following…” Tweet, it will not be counted (because we won’t be able to!).
– Contest is open to everyone of all ages and in all countries.
– Winner will be determined by number of followers crediting a single user for following. If there is a tie, a random drawing will take place. Selection will be made November 24, 2010 and notified at that time. Winner must accept prize within 24 hours by responding to notification Tweet and providing the requested information. If winner does not respond, another will be chosen from the next-highest number of followers, and so on, until the prize is accepted. The winner will be announced on Twitter upon confirmed acceptance.


After going through a ton of entries, the winner of our 5th anniversary Here giveaway contest is Natalie A. Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who participated. We had over a hundred entries, awesome! I know there were a few tough questions in the contest, so here are the answers. I’ve also linked them to where on the site they can be found for those who were stumped.

Part I: Trivia
– Where was the first concert held in which Idina performed “Here?”
The Zipper Theatre, New York City
– What was Here‘s release date?
February 10, 2004
– Who was the photographer of the Here album cover?
Fabrice Trombert [It’s the name of the album!]

Part II: Scavenger Hunt
– The first image ever added to the photo gallery

- The most viewed image in the photo gallery

- Your favorite picture of Idina (just for funsies, no right or wrong answer!)

Part III: Finish That Quote
– “Make love to the chair.
(Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson, 3/2/06)

– “I am so proud to be in a musical that celebrates women.
(2004 Tony Awards acceptance speech)

- “We will not tolerate hate any longer.”
(We Give A Damn campaign ad)

– “We do it in the shower. Everybody does it, you know. I just do it for a living.
(Manny the Movie Guy’s Enchanted interview)

- “Don’t take the L.I.E., it’s bumpada bumpada traffic.
(Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson, 3/2/06)

– “[My husband’s] not with me on the tour, so I have to cuddle with myself.
(Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson, 8/4/08)

– “When I sing, do people die?
(This Morning, October 13, 2008)

– “Hi, I’m Idina. I’m Taye Diggs’ wife and I’m my own self.
(Live w/ Regis & Kelly, March 10, 2006)

– “It’s okay to be who you are, and it’s okay to be figuring it out.
(AOL Sessions interview)

– “A kielbasa’s a sausage, isn’t it?! Well, I can play that too! Hullo!
(Wedding Singer Days stories)

Also, BroadwayWorld has [finally] released video footage from Idina’s “Tweet Up” last week! Watch it below.

Twitter Conference – October 13, 2010
Description: Idina meets w/ NYC tweeters/bloggers to promote her symphony tour.
Time: 10:34 | Size: 92.7 MB
© BroadwayWorld
Format: .m4v
[ DOWNLOAD ] | [ STREAM ] | photos


Last night in the US, PBS aired In Performance at The White House: A Broadway Celebration, featuring a who’s-who from the theatre community performing an intimate concert for the Obamas (and other famous and/or important people). It will be made available for streaming on if you would like to watch the entire program. However, if you just want to bear witness to Idina’s two amazing performances…here you go!

In Performance at The White House – October 20, 2010
Description: Performing “Defying Gravity” at a special Broadway celebration concert (filmed July 19, 2010)
Time: 4:12 | Size: 51.6 MB
© PBS | Thanks to Jill! site exclusive
Format: .m4v
[ DOWNLOAD ] | [ YOUTUBE ] | screencaps

In Performance at The White House – October 20, 2010
Description: Performing “What I Did For Love” at a special Broadway celebration concert (filmed July 19, 2010)
Time: 3:40 | Size: 45 MB
© PBS | Thanks to Jill! site exclusive
Format: .m4v
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Due to one of those annoying malware infections and Google blocking access to the site to most everyone, the Here contest has been extended until Friday, October 22, at 11:59 pm ET! Scroll down for more contest info.

I have more good news! I think/hope/pray that I finally found the vulnerability that was allowing the malware infections to occur, so they should stop! If you do, however, ever get any kind of a warning when you visit the site, please Tweet me to let me know. The sooner I find out, the sooner I can remove the dangerous software.