I’ve created the following polls to get a visual representation of Idina’s fan base. Please vote in the two polls, and then answer the question at the bottom as a comment!

In what area of the US do you live?

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If you don't live in the US, where do you live?

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If it was up to you, in what city would you have Idina perform?

47 thoughts on “CONCERT DEMAND

  1. Denise says:

    aw long shot! still if she has time she can visit Asia. :)

  2. Leila says:

    Seattle!!! Or like…anywhere within a couple hundred miles of here. Portland, Spokane, Boise…

  3. gottalovethegreengirl says:


  4. trueserenity05 says:

    I have no issue with traveling across the country to see Idina when necessary (well, my budget suffers, lol!) but have always thought that the Greek Theater outdoor amphitheater on the UC Berkeley campus would be an amazing venue for Idina. It’s beautiful and rather intimate.

  5. witchofthesouth says:

    Hmm, I wanna say Lubbock, cause that’s where I live, but the chances of that happening are very slim.
    So I say San Antonio or Dallas again. :)

  6. ashley_rs2001 says:

    She should come to The Austin area here in Texas, its a music capital for the south, she would have sold out in two days if she did every one loves Idina!!!

  7. Ellasphere says:

    North-West England so that would be Liverpool or Manchester :)
    I would just really love it if she sung in the UK as she does have a lot of fans here, especially thanks to Glee

  8. armofpilot says:

    jones Beach in NY is a really nice venue. Anything in front of the water is always fun. She does NYC all the time so I’m generally happy, but I’ll be in New Zealand for a year coming up and I would LOVE her to come to Auckland. hell, I’d probably fly to Australia to see her in Perth or even Sydney if she made her way there.another former Elphaba, Shoshana, is doing Australia right now

  9. armofpilot says:

    Also I’m already going to the Brookville LI show and I would *kill* to hear anything from See What I Wanna See performed (No More is a personal fav but I know Idina does some amazing arrangements of things that she didn’t initially perform). It is my favoriteshow Idina has done ever and getting to hear something from it again live would be magic.

  10. gorgeous89 says:

    Would love for Idina to perform in Washington D.C. or Baltimore!
    Going to her concert at Wolf Trap!

  11. idinaismyhero2 says:

    Well I would say Pittsburgh, but she’s already coming to Pittsburgh!!!! She should come to Pittsburgh more often though! lol

  12. moowithme56 says:

    Ft. Lauderdale Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. alexandrialee09 says:

    I would love for her to come to Georgia. Atlanta or Columbus. I traveled to Jacksonville to see her already but some friends are really wanting to see her so we would LOVE a closer city.

  14. BROADWAYxDiVA says:

    Orlando Florida PLEASEEE!!! It’s the happiest place on EARTH! :)

  15. Aly070 says:

    Providence RI PLEASE!!!!!!!! it would be AMAZING if she played here!! i was unable to go to the ones in Boston cuz of finals =[

  16. wickediswicked5 says:

    South-East England (London preferably Walton on Thames or Guildford!!!!) :)

  17. bmccann92 says:

    I second the Orlando FLorida vote and so do about 200 other UCF theatre students!!! WE LOVE IDINA!

  18. kachina_wuti says:

    hey :) I think Boulder, CO would be a wonderful city to perform! I live 1 hr from there, but my town is not so artistic, you know :) but Boulder would be perfect, and it’s not far from Denver, so…:)

  19. theladyinblue says:

    I think that Hartford, CT would be a great place for Idina to perform. it is right between NYC and Boston and is very easy to get to as we have lots of public transport here and the bus/train station is just minutes from the theater.
    I know that Idina did shows here in CT in the past but she has never been further then Fairfield county….time for her to do something here in Central/Northern CT.

  20. istand530 says:

    Anywhere in NORTH CAROLINA!!!! the south misses you! =)

  21. wickedlyinfatuated says:

    South Florida!! Either in Miami at the Arscht Center or Ft. Lauderdale at the Broward Center. =)

  22. pxt157 says:

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Glenside, PA

  23. Ayldan says:

    Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, or Missouri. Specifically Wichita/Topeka, Omaha, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, or Branson.

  24. sweetrevelations says:

    Rochester, NY!!!! That’s where Taye is from so she should totally come perform here, out of association with her hunky hubby

  25. whatsername17 says:


  26. Livi says:

    Australia as in New Zealand as well???

    I know of more than 2 people. :)

  27. swim1012 says:

    Rochester NY!!!
    or Burlington VT!!!

  28. voluta says:

    Anywhere in North Carolina, Richmond Va, South Carolina. The South misses her indeed!!

  29. elphabagreen says:

    Chicago(where I live) and St. Louis(where I go to school). Again! Rome would be really awesome cause that’s where I’ll be this fall but if not there in London.

  30. superstargirl07 says:

    It would be awesome if she could visit Orlando Florida!

  31. natalie_dancer says:

    She’s been once but Toronto… we have a symphony

  32. aelisa says:

    ANYWHERE in the UK!

  33. sb12 says:

    I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to see her come back to TORONTO!!!!!

  34. grnpotato says:

    I agree with those that want her to come to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  35. Caty Gaehd says:

    I doubt she’ll ever come but it would be awesome if she does a concert in Mexico. I prefer Monterrey but anywhere in Mexico is fine :D

    ps… Someone else voted for Mexico? I don’t have my glasses on and I can’t see very well :P If I’m right that’s unbelievable

  36. e.wattam says:

    Toronto. Or other South Eastern Ontario locations.

  37. EmmyisDg says:

    It would be great if she could come back to England (especially London) again, maybe do a small tour as well (in bigger theatrees this time) but that probably wont happen….. so maybe in a part of america that i am at when i go out to visit family :))

  38. Idina_Defies_Gravity says:

    Come back to England Dee!!!

  39. L_Lara11 says:

    I agree with a lot of comments–the South loves Idina!

    Specifically, she should come to Texas! Any big city here would be elated to have her; San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, or Houston!

  40. emelsu says:

    She should come back to Cleveland Ohio…she came in 2008 but I want to see her in concert again. Really any where in northern ohio would be nice. Oberlin college just built a brand new place to perform…Stevie Wonder just performed there.

  41. MALEJANDRA_89 says:

    I am pretty sure I´m going to Costa Mesa in Nov but it would make it 100% possible for me to see Her if She could make down to SD…

  42. elphieandmaureenxx9 says:

    Upstate NY (particularly the Capital District ) ;)

  43. HeyMrShesMySister says:

    i agree with elphieandmaureenxx9! capital district of NY! maybe at Proctors Theater cause i work there at that would be aMAzing!!!

  44. michele says:

    Baltimore, Maryland or some of the surrounding towns have venues. Going to see her at Wolf Trapp in Va. Love Idina!!!

  45. ness says:

    New Orleans LA, Birmingham AL, or Mobile AL. would be nice. somewhere on the gulf coast!!! or any of the casino venues

  46. 1moresmile says:

    Longshot but LAS VEGAS!!! or anywhere south of California=D

  47. idina_menzel_is_wicked says:

    Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. ANYWHERE in Australia, I know so many Aussie Idina fans. :)

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