idina. debuts on Billboard Charts

Idina Menzel’s new album, idina., has debuted at No. 7 on Billboard’s Digital Albums Chart and No. 9 on the Top Album Sales Chart! On the overall Billboard 200 chart (which also takes streaming into account), it debuted at No. 29 with 15,000 units (14,000 in traditional sales). This is Idina’s fourth charting release and her second release to chart in the Top 40 (the other is Holiday Wishes). Congratulations, Idina!!


Idina Menzel on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Idina Menzel stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat about idina. and perform! Here are a few clips from her interview:

Jimmy also got Matt Damon to surprise Idina on the show. You may recall that Idina often talks about how she wanted to meet Matt Damon when she was doing Wicked and her London castmates would tease her about it. Watch that here:

Idina also performed Everybody Knows!

You can watch the entire episode on ABC’s website. Plus, her performance of Queen of Swords on Yahoo.

Idina Menzel on Ellen!

Idina stopped by The Ellen Show to promote idina. Thursday. Ellen was sick, so Miley Cyrus took over hosting duties. You can watch a clip of the interview above, and her performance of Queen of Swords below!

Here’s the entire interview:

Idina’s Reddit AMA

Idina Menzel held a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) earlier today! You can check out the full Q&A here, but I’ll outline a few highlights:

-Idina is planning a tour in the Spring (she thinks) and she will “definitely” offer meet & greets

-She is still working on a sitcom with Ellen Degeneres

-The infamous Otto Titsling will not be part of the Beaches remake

-A play is “in the works” for Idina

Idina at iHeartRadio Music Festival

Idina Menzel made an appearance at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday! A fun thing to note is that she debuted her engagement ring! Here are photos:

Idina also spoke with Elvis Duran about the album and how she’s feeling. The video auto-plays, so watch here: Read More