I have just added two wonderful clips of Idina singing “Awaiting You” at The Public Sings Benefit concert last Monday! The song was written by Light in the Piazza composer, Adam Guettel, and it is absolutely stunning. I recommend that everyone head over to the Cover Songs Audio Page to check both clips out! [note: I’m aware that Idina took part in several other songs that evening, however, she did not have a significant enough singing role in them for me to find an good size clip – in the future I may try to add them, but right now, “Awaiting You” is the best option] — So anyways, I hope you enjoy, and please remember, do not hotlink!

In some more Ask the Dust news, the film, which was moved to a later release of April 14, 2006, has NOW been moved forward to a LIMITED release on March 10, 2006. I saw some postings of this information awhile back, but didn’t know how legitimate the news was – however, it seems all sources are saying the same thing at this time. There’s no news yet on which cities will get the limited release or if it will release widely afterwards. I’ll keep everyone updated as I get the info.

Many people have been asking about a trailer for Ask the Dust, and though I have yet to find one online, I’ve been informed that it is playing before several prints of the new Lars Von Trier film, Manderlay. This film is in limited release, so it’s not playing everywhere, but if it’s playing near you (and you’re allowed to see it, since it’s R-rated), it might be worth going to check out the preview (Idina IS in the preview, in case you’re wondering.) – More to come later. wassat


Sorry for the delay, everyone – I know I promised this would be up really soon, but it took longer to write than I anticipated. However, I have finally finished writing the Ask the Dust review, as well as another little treat for anyone who wants major spoilers wink

The link to the review can be found here — The page includes a “spoiler-free” review at the top, as well as a “spoiler” review at the bottom. All you need do if you want to know more is scroll down. If THAT isn’t enough to satisfy you, I have also been lucky enough to be able to transcribe each and every one of Idina’s scenes in the film for all of you who wish to read them tongue That page is linked from the review itself, or it can be found here. If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment and ask, and I’ll try to answer what I can. But please be courteous to those who do not want to have anything spoiled. Thanks guys, hope you enjoy the review. I just hope it makes some kind of sense.

I’m also going to be adding these links to the Film Page in the Ask the Dust section – so they’ll be there if you want to find them again later.


Thanks to the wonderful Raev, I have added a few more great images to the Gallery! First: 3 new Outtakes from the cast of Rent‘s photoshoot with Art Streiber (2 new images and one larger replacement of an older one) … And then secondly, a great HQ image of Idina and Taye from 1998 during a CD signing for “Still I Can’t Be Still”! Check them out below:

REMINDER: The premiere of Idina’s film, Ask the Dust, is tomorrow at the Santa Barbara Film Festival! I am going to attend, so hopefully I’ll get to share the experience with all of you when I return smile


I have reorganized a bit of the Gallery in regards to Idina’s FILM photos and screencaps – All film images are located in the Film & TV category, including some great new screencaps from The Tollbooth trailer! Click below to view:

Also, I have included some beautiful pictures from Idina’s appearance last night at ‘The Public Sings’ Benefit Concert in NYC – So far, they’re just images of the afterparty, not during the show. Hopefully more of those will come in the future, so check back later wassat

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Now online to view is the TRAILER for Idina’s film, The Tollbooth, which is being released at the Quad Theater in NYC on Feb. 3rd! To view the trailer, you’ll need an updated version of Quicktime Player, and the video can be viewed here on the Official site! Enjoy, and for all those who are able to go see the film, have fun! tongue