I’ve just added 55 screen captures of Idina (and caps of old Idina photos) from the “No Day But Today” Documentary on the DVD of Rent. It’s an AMAZING documentary, and if you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it. But either way, some caps are in the gallery, so check ’em out! tongue


As promised, I’ve just added 675 screen captures of Idina/Maureen, taken from the Rent DVD. I’ve only capped the feature itself, not the documentary yet – I’ll get to that next. You may notice I STARTED to tag each picture, but after about 100+ pics, it was takin’ too long and it just wasn’t worth it. wassat haha, soo… yeah. Enjoy them! There’s some really great shots, and Idina looks incredible, as always.


REMINDER: The Rent DVD is being released to purchase (and rent) in stores today! Hope everyone interested gets the chance to see the beautiful DVD (and special features), and I’ll be adding a lot of caps when I get the chance. Just keep an eye out for those soon. smile


It took me awhile to do this, but I finally reminded myself to add clips of Idina’s “freestylin’ raps” from her Summer Concert Tour last summer (as well as an old favorite wink) to the new Freestyle/Rap Sound Page. I also added the lyrics to several of them (the others are coming soon, I just need to rewrite them), so what she’s saying is more clear to those of you who haven’t heard them before smile Enjoy! These are soooooooo fun, let me know what you think (*cough*comment*cough*).

Reminder: The CD release of Idina’s most recent musical, See What I Wanna See, has already started to be shipped out to those people who ordered it from GhostlightRecords.com, but when the CD is widely released on March 7th, I WILL BE REMOVING the See What I Wanna See AUDIO CLIPS FROM THIS SITE! I announced before that they would only be here as long as they couldn’t be heard elsewhere. But I encourage everyone to purchase recordings of Idina’s projects, so again, anything available to buy on CD won’t be here to download. Sorry, that’s just the way I’m choosing to run the media section. If you are still interested in downloading/saving the clips, go here and do so. I will be removing them on March 7th.

A HUGE thank you to Raev for sending to me 13 beautiful photos from the “Life” magazine photoshoot by Karina Taira!! They are in color, with a few of the original images in color too, so go check them out! They’re stunning! tongue


Upcoming TV appearance! Idina will be making an appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson late on Wednesday, March 1st — The show airs weeknights at 12:35 AM on CBS — MEANING: Stay up LATE on March 1st to see the episode, which technically airs very very early on March 2nd! It can be confusing, so be careful. I will be posting an update that morning as a reminder, so be on the lookout! Also, if you are in the Los Angeles area, you can order FREE tickets to see the taping of the show here. I got my tickets, I can’t wait! smile

Also, Idina has been listed as a performer in the upcoming Hollywood Meets Motown Benefit Concert, which will be on March 15, 2006 at the Waldorf in NYC — Tickets have been listed as EXTREMELY expensive (it is a benefit, after all), but if anyone has the means, it’ll likely be a fantastic event. Read more about it here.

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