Now online to view is the TRAILER for Idina’s film, The Tollbooth, which is being released at the Quad Theater in NYC on Feb. 3rd! To view the trailer, you’ll need an updated version of Quicktime Player, and the video can be viewed here on the Official site! Enjoy, and for all those who are able to go see the film, have fun! tongue


JOIN! Thanks to Abbey, a brand new Idina Fanlisting has been created for all of Idina’s loyal fans! This is the only Idina-related fanlisting to be approved/listed on TheFanlistings.org, and it has now become an official affiliate of Idina-Here.com! tongue So please, head over to the fanlisting and join up – let’s see how many Idina fans are out there!


I realized I hadn’t updated with this news yet, and thank you to Kelley for reminding me — Idina’s upcoming film, Ask the Dust, will be having it’s world premiere screening at the Opening Night of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on February 2, 2006! Tickets for the film & gala event are upwards of $75 for general admission – This is going to be a Red Carpet event/premiere, though it is unknown whether or not Idina will be present. She definitely might, however, it all depends on her previous engagements.

I am planning to attend and promise to return with a full, detailed review for those who might be interested. If anyone else is going, have fun and I’ll see you there!

I’ve also reorganized the Affiliates Page:
New Affiliates: Rosario Dawson Central, Alan Rickman Online, Anne Hathaway Fan, Paul Bettany.net, Simply Brad Pitt, and Natalie Portman Web. Be sure to check out these great sites! smile


According to The Tollbooth Official Website, the NYC premiere of the film will be at Quad Cinema beginning February 3rd! Advanced tickets aren’t on sale yet, but they’ll likely be available in the coming week — When they are, those of you in NYC and/or the surrounding area will be able to watch this adorable film smile (I saw it back in April 2005 in Calabasas, CA, and it’s such a treat!)

Do yourself a favor and see it if you can. The Long Island location will be announced shortly.

I know many will ask about a wide release (meaning the movie being released in other places across the country), so I will just say now that there’s currently no official news about a wide release — however, if the NYC/LI release does well, chances are better that more of the country will see it! So those who CAN go, PLEASE go! It’s worth it tongue


Since news is slow and this was posted on SB this morning, I thought I’d do a quick update with this fun news:

“… TAYE DIGGS and IDINA MENZEL have a new addition to their family. They just got a small dog. Name? Sammy Davis.” (source: the Insider Online)

Congratulations on the new addition to the family! tongue