IMPORTANT NOTICE: So unfortunately, what I feared would happen has happened. My site’s host, Dreamhost, has alerted me that my bandwidth for this coming month is already on it’s way to exceeding it’s limit. This, I gather, is entirely due to the videos on my server that are constantly being downloaded.

This is a large problem, because I do understand that now the videos are so much easier to download, and that has made things easier on me. However, at the rate it’s going, my bandwidth will exceed past it’s limit within the next week. sad Over the next day or so, I have to think about a solution to this problem. I know most people don’t like MEGAUPLOAD as a downloading tool, but it may just end up that I’ll have to use that for all my videos. I’m so sorry, there doesn’t seem to be another solution as of right now. I’m not changing the links right this second, but I may spend tonight doing that. I just cannot afford this site going down or paying for extra space. Again, I apologize. __ Kim


I’ve just found out that, unfortunately, the release date for Idina’s upcoming film, Ask the Dust (with Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek), has once again been moved back. sad Originally supposed to be released in December 2005, it was moved to March 17, 2006, and now is planning to be released on April 14th, 2006. Hopefully this will be the final time it gets pushed back, because I, personally, cannot wait to see it. More updates on the film will hopefully come soon, stay tuned.


Sorry for the delay, guys! But the videos are back up and running!! phew! tongue I know it took longer than I promised, but I wanted to make sure they worked. All of the ones that were previously on the “Online File Folder” are currently linked to this site (those on Megaupload are still on that, but will be moved to the site’s database shortly.) The new ones are in ZIPPED files, which’ll hopefully make downloading easier.

Feel free to comment and let me know how they download. They work for me, but you never know with some other servers. Also, please remember to read the RULES posted on the Videos Page. Thanks everyone! And have a Happy New Years! wassat


According to, the Original Cast Recording for Idina’s recent show, See What I Wanna See, is scheduled to be available for purchase on March 7, 2006. Though this is a little later than I’d originally thought, it’s great to finally have an official – though tentative – release date. tongue

I’m also still working on those videos. Sorry for the delay. I found a good system to put the links through (to avoid hotlinking), so now I just need to reupload them and change the links smile. They’ll be back up soon, I swear!

Thanks to Raev (and Joanna) on the So Beautiful Idina Forum, I’ve uploaded several new (and untagged!) images of Idina from a couple older photoshoots! The links are below, so take a look, because new pictures are always fun.


Happy Holidays, everyone! I promised a small holiday surprise and here it is! Nothing’s been moved around, just the look is different. I’ve been working on a new layout for the site for a little while now, and I thought Christmas Day might be a nice time to reveal it officially smile ! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter holiday season — And I know Idina-news is scarce right now, but I promise, I have a lot I plan to add after all this holiday business is done. Oh, and please, let me know what you think of the new look (make a comment or somethin’, I’d love to hear from you wassat ) I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

On the issue of the Videos, I know I said I’d get them up and ready by today, but it’s more work than I thought, and it’ll have to wait until after Christmas (when my family is gone.) Sorry for the inconvenience, it’ll only be for a little bit longer.

Again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! tongue