2014 in Review

I really wanted to post this before the year was over but personal circumstances kept me mostly away from the web for a while. Still, 2014 was such a huge year for Idina that I didn’t want to let the opportunity pass to remember all that went on last year. And because I’m all about making you guys part of the site, will you help me create this list?

The task is simple: just leave a comment with your favorite 2014 moment. Maybe it was a big moment, like Idina performing at the Academy Awards. Maybe it was a smaller one, like something she said in an interview or the video where she complains about the camera angle. Anything goes as long as it’s Idina related and it happened in 2014.

Pictures, videos and audio are welcome! If possible say why it’s important or add some info about your chosen moment. If this gets more than just a few comments, I’ll create a page so all these great moments look pretty in once place for posterity ;)

‘White Christmas’ on the Today Show

Happy Holidays everyone!!
Idina was on the Today Show again this morning and sang ‘White Christmas’ (taped performance).

I’m taking a very short break from the site for the holidays, I’ll be back in a few days. Some of you have emailed or messaged me and I haven’t been able to reply yet, but will catch up soon.

‘The Chew’ & ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ Pics

You may have seen these if you follow @idina_here on twitter, but a proper post is still in order. Once again thanks to Re from Lea Michele Web for ‘The Chew’ pics.

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Missed ‘The View’? Watch the full episode here!

Missed ‘The Chew’? I did too! Haven’t find video yet, if anyone finds it please share in the comments. Edit below!

Missed ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’? No, you didn’t! It airs on Saturday in the UK. On ITV, at 10pm. So make sure to watch if you’re in the UK.

Post edited.‘The Chew’ video below. Thanks Sakina for posting the link to it!