‘Valentine in the Morning’ Radio Interview

‘Valentine in the Morning’ Radio Interview

This past Monday, Idina gave a phone interview on ‘Valentine in the Morning’, where she talked about Frozen, Walker, divorce and her upcoming Christmas album!

Listen to the interview below:

Continue reading for a short article about the interview from the Huffington Post.

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First Post and a Gallery Update

First Post and a Gallery Update

Hi everyone! I’m Flor, proud new webmaster of Idina-Here. Like Erin said, I’ve been a fan for several years and I’m so excited to be a part of this site. Just want to thank Erin for trusting me with Idina-Here, and all three girls before me for creating such an amazing resource for Idina fans everywhere.

Now let’s get down to business! I’ve been working on a few things around the site, but mostly the gallery. There’s a new design over there matching the main site, and close to 1000 pictures have been added. You can read the full list of updated albums after the break, and stay tuned for more! There are still a few events to add, plus a lot more updates coming to other sections of the site.

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Lastly, to give credit where credit is due, I have to thank Annie, Luciana and Renata for some of the pictures added today.

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Changing of the Guard Part Troix

Changing of the Guard Part Troix

Hi everyone! Erin here – your old webmaster (2009-2011) and now Idina’s Digital Strategy Manager.

As many of you may remember, periodically we change Webmasters at Idina-Here to keep things fresh and focused; new blood, if you will. In 2009, I inherited this site from its amazing founder, Kim. In 2011, I passed it to my good and longtime friend, Jill. This time has come again.

I want to thank Jill for her contributions and dedication to the site the last few years (2011-2014). She is a great friend and fan and the site wouldn’t have survived without her.

Now, the fresh blood: Flor is our new webmaster. (Group: Hi, Flor!) She has been a fan for many years and is an experienced webmaster and website designer. In fact, she’s responsible for many of the designs you see right here on Idina-Here! I trust she will continue improving this great site to keep it the amazing resource the three of us have built.

Stay tuned for some exciting changes and updates – and Flor’s first post!

Updates, updates and more updates!

Updates, updates and more updates!

Whew, lots going on!


Recaps of past events:

Idina has been nomination for a Tony award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical!!  The Tony awards will air Sunday, June 8th on CBS.

Pics from the Nominee Press Conference are in the gallery, as well as pictures from a special In the Spotlight series featuring Tony nominees.

Interview with ET:

On Monday, Idina attended the Met Gala, which you can see pictures of her beautiful dress in the gallery.


Last week, Idina appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Julie Andrews.  There are some video on and pictures in the gallery.


Idina has also recently appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael. Check out the video here:





So, what’s coming up for Idina?

She’ll be on CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman on May 8th.  Check your local listings for time and channel!

And she’s doing a little gig at Radio City Music Hall on June 16th.  You can purchase tickets here!


Watch What Happens Live, USA Today, and Variety

Watch What Happens Live, USA Today, and Variety

Idina is scheduled to be on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on May 1st along with Julie Andrews!  How spectacular will that show be?  (Source)


There’s a nice little article on USA Today about handling Broadway and motherhood.


And Idina has been selected as one of Variety’s Power of Women New York honorees.

Idina Menzel on summer camp of A Broader Way: “It’s about using the arts to help girls find their own voice,” says Menzel. “There’s a lot of young women who don’t know how to use their voice literally and figuratively. These girls get to be the authors of their own life.”

“I loved being able to reinvent myself during the summer, and not be judged by the same group of kids I saw in school.”

VarietyPowerofWomen_02 VarietyPowerofWomen_01

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