It’s coming….

Wow!  After watching Idina’s symphony tour develop since 2010, it’s a little hard to believe that we can all watch it in about 22 days when the DVD is released!  The track listings for both the CD and the DVD have been updated on Amazon.  And stay tuned for a special contest in honor of the release!

Many PBS stations will be airing a shortened, 60 minute version of the concert beginning March 3rd (the DVD will be the full, 90 minute concert).  You will have to check the listings for your local PBS station for when the concert is airing in your city because each station can air the concert at different times.  If it’s not listed yet, it should start showing up within two weeks of when it airs.

I imagine Idina will be doing a lot of press and interviews as we get closer to the release date as well!  In the meantime, make sure to listen to sneak peeks of “Tomorrow” and “Defying Gravity” on Idina’s Facebook page.  I’m especially in love with her beautiful version of “Tomorrow!”

And by the way, if you’ve caught the new season of the tv show, The Voice, one contestant may look familiar if you saw one of Idina’s “I Stand” concerts….Chris Mann!  He opened for her shows on the Fall 2008 tour.  He has an amazing voice!  I hope everyone watches and supports Chris.  Fingers crossed he wins!


‘Barefoot’ CD Release Date & New Pics

“Idina Menzel Live: Barefoot at the Symphony” CD is now available on Amazon!  It won’t release until March 6th, but you can preorder it now to make sure you receive around the release date!   Click on the image below to buy.  The DVD will hopefully be available to preorder soon too!

And Idina and Taye attended the InStyle/Warner Brothers party after the Golden Globes this past Sunday.  Pictures have been added to the gallery!



Chicago Press Rundown

Here are all of your links for today’s press extravaganza on one handy page!


WGNTV Midday Fix:

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Windy City Live interview:

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Windy City Live part 2 where Idina sticks around for their trivia game:

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WTTW Chicago Tonight video


John Williams Show (radio – click to listen)


Print interview with Time Out Chicago

Chicago Press

Idina will be doing a lot of press in Chicago tomorrow before her in-studio appearance with WTTW (Chicago’s PBS station) and the special sneak-peek airing of the concert for Chicago only. If anyone watches the special and wants to write a review of it for Idina-Here, contact me!


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Windy City LIVE!
9:00 am
ABC7 in Chicago or stream it LIVE!

12:00 pm
WGN9 in Chicago

The John Williams Show (Radio)
2:00 pm
720AM in Chicago or stream it LIVE!

Chicago Tonight
7:00 pm
WTTW11 in Chicago

Idina Menzel Live: Barefoot at the Symphony
9:00 pm
WTTW11 in Chicago

New Interview

A new interview with the Chicago Tribune has been added to the Press Archive.  Click here to read it!  There was also a gorgeous new picture to go along with the article that has been added to the gallery.  Hopefully some more new promo pics will pop up!