PBS Special Airdate & A New Concert!

Idina’s symphony concert filmed in Toronto back in November now has a title and an airdate!  It’s “Live: Barefoot at the Symphony” (how perfect is that?!) and will be airing on PBS on March 3rd (check your local listings closer to time).

If you live in Chicago, you’re in luck!  WTTW will be airing the concert on January 9th (and we expect a FULL REPORT!), which came along with an announcement of a summer concert in Chicago!  She’ll be performing July 8th at the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, IL with Marvin Hamlisch and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra!  Ticket information will be posted at a later time.

A few promo pics have been released for the PBS special.  Click on the image below to view more.  The pics, and Idina as well of course, look gorgeous and I cannot wait to watch the concert!

New Pics!

Idina & Taye spent the New Years weekend in Vegas, where they were photographed after seeing the show Absinthe.  I’ve also add some other pics to the gallery, including a great one from Christmas Day that Taye posted on his Facebook and some pics of Taye and Walker at Disneyland (Idina was there too, just unfortunately wasn’t photographed!).  Check out all of the new pics here!


And have you seen Taye’s video he posted on his Facebook for Christmas?  Looks like they’ve been busy with all of Walker’s presents!

Oh and I almost forgot! Happy Birthday, Taye!

New Glee Song!

Glee’s back this coming Tuesday with a new episode and Idina has a duet with Naya Rivera!  The song was posted yesterday at Gleethemusic.com and it’s the first one listed.

More updates to come later after I catch up from being offline due to the holiday!

Glee Caps, Toronto Vid & Taye’s Appearance on Ellen

Have you seen the new video Idina filmed for her upcoming Toronto show?  Tickets are still available, if you haven’t bought yours yet!


Glee caps from last week’s “Pot O’Gold” episode have been added to the gallery.  Thanks to Ali over at our partner site, Taye Diggs Online for capping the episode for me!  Click on an image below to go to the gallery.


And Taye was on Ellen today to promote his new children’s book, Chocolate Me!  You can see the video over at Private Practice Web.  He shares two new pics of Walker, their Halloween pic from Kate Walsh’s party, and Ellen shares with him a pick of Shelby and Puck kissing, which incites a cute and funny reaction from him!

Four New Videos!

Idina was on The Talk today (yes, it was pretaped).  You can view the episode on the CBS website here.  Her part starts at about the 15 minute mark, or the second dot in the timeline of the player.

A video popped up on Facebook of an interview with Fox 11 in LA.  Click here for that video!

The last episode of the British Theatre Podcast is available on YouTube from the afterparty following the RAH concert the other week (which is basically 5 minutes of people raving about the concert hehe).

And after her show in Houston, Idina filmed a little video for all of you LA fans coming to the concert: