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Idina Menzel on Rediscovering Her Love for the Holidays

It’s safe to say that 2014 is a year Idina Menzel will never forget. The actress and singer chatted with ET about balancing her professional triumphs with her personal challenges over the past year.

While Idina rode into 2014 on the huge success of “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen, she was also in the middle of a split from her husband of 10 years, Taye Diggs.

“This whole year has been professionally rewarding and fantastic and personally a little more challenging and that is the way life is,” Idina told ET.

The 43-year-old Broadway star admitted that music helps her work through her emotions, and she has a Christmas album out, Holiday Wishes, just in time for the season of good cheer.

“I love the music of the holidays and yet my experience with the holidays has kind of wavered,” Idina said. “My parents announced they were getting a divorce on Thanksgiving Day.”

Thanks to her 5-year-old son Walker Nathaniel Diggs, Idina is able to look at the holidays in a whole new light.

“Now that I have a son I am sort of rediscovering the holidays through his eyes,” Idina said.

Idina even tried to get a duet with her son on the album, but they seemed to have creative differences.

“He refused to give me one recording that didn’t say, ‘Have a holly jolly butt butt’ the entire time — not one clean take, so he’s nowhere to be found on the album,” Idina said.

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