The Wild Party

Release date: July 11, 2000
Label: RCA Victor Broadway
Purchase: Click Here

Song List:

1. Queenie was a Blonde
2. Out of the Blue
3. What a Party
4. Raise the Roof
5. Look at Me Now
6. Poor Child
7. An Old-Fashioned Love Story
8. By Now the Room was Moving
9. The Juggernaut
10. A Wild, Wild Party
11. Two of a Kind
12. Maybe I Like it This Way
13. What is it About Her?
14. The Life of the Party
15. I’ll Be Here
16. Let Me Drown
17. Tell Me Something
18. Come with Me
19. Jackie’s Last Dance
20. Make Me Happy
21. How Did We Come to This?/Queenie was a Blonde

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