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Interview with Actress Idina Menzel

Education Dramaturge Ted Sod sits down with actress Idina Menzel to discuss her character in “Skintight” and what inspires her as an artist. Ted Sod: Where were you born and educated? When did you decide you wanted to be a performer, and did you have any teachers who […]

9 July, 2018
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Added Jul 12, 2018
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Idina’s New Voice

“There is a relief in not waking up every day and having to test whether I can hit a high note,” Idina Menzel says with a laugh, one of the many changes the award-winning, 47-year-old actress/singer is currently experiencing in her life. Last year, the Syosset, New York-born […]

30 June, 2018
Source | In New York
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Added Sep 2, 2018
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Idina Menzel and Her Sister Cara Duet on ‘Never Never Land’ From Peter Pan, the Musical That ‘Changed Our Lives’

Sisters in song! Idina Menzel and her sister Cara Mentzel teamed up to sing “Never Never Land” to coincide with the upcoming release of Mentzel’s memoir, Voice Lessons: A Sisters Story. The Broadway actress, 46, explains in the video that Peter Pan was the first musical she and […]

9 October, 2017
Source | People
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Added Jul 4, 2018
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