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Idina Menzel: My son is my bodyguard

Idina Menzel’s five-year-old son is still getting used to the fame which has come with Frozen.

Idina Menzel’s son got “very annoyed” with Frozen fans who approached her on Halloween.

The star voices the character of Elsa in the hit Disney movie, which won the best animated feature and best original song [with Let It Go] Oscars earlier this year.

The flick has introduced Idina to a new generation, as before she was best known for her work on Broadway. That’s been hard for her five-year-old son Walker to understand.

“Oh yes, he’s seen it several times. But at Halloween, when we were trick or treating, he was very annoyed when lots of little girls who love Elsa came up and wanted a picture. He was like the best bodyguard ever, and would just shout at them to go away,” she laughed to British magazine Hello! “He just wanted his time with his mom and they were not going to impede on his time.”

Frozen is about a princess who can turn things to ice and her sister Anna, and Idina is a big fan of the story. She believes it speaks to people on a deep level, which is why it was such a massive hit.

“Frozen is so much about embracing that power that may be scary but once we harness it, we can really do something extraordinary with it,” she explained. “It’s one thing to have success, but to have success with things that really resonate with people is incredible. I’ve thankfully had that many times; the first was Rent, as that spoke to a generation, another was Wicked and now Frozen.”

The star performed Let It Go at the Academy Awards earlier this year, but it wasn’t easy. She was nervous enough to begin with, but when John Travolta famously fluffed the pronunciation of her name, it really added to things.

“I was so nervous to be up there in front of people I admire so much. I could see Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Amy Adams, who’s a friend of mine and likes to sing songs from Wicked with me, so I tried to think of that. I’m a creature of the theatre and am used to singing the same songs every single day, so having to do something as a one-off is scarier for me… Then the thing with John Travolta happened and that took me out of it for a good eight seconds. I was like, ‘What just happened?'” she recalled.

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