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Idina Menzel Reveals The Titles Of Two New Songs From ‘Frozen 2’

Idina Menzel is giving “Frozen” fans a little taste of what’s to come.

While attending the TIFF premiere of her new film “Uncut Gems” alongside co-stars Adam Sandler and the Weeknd, the actress and Broadway star caught up with ET Canada‘s digital reporter Graeme O’Neil, teasing her character Elsa’s next big hits from the sequel’s soundtrack.

“I have two great songs,” the 48-year-old reveals. “I just love them. I think they’re…really wonderfully written.”

When asked if she can share any more details, Menzel confirms the titles of both tracks. “One of them — that people know — is called ‘Into the Unknown’. The other one is called ‘Show Yourself’.”

The Pixar-animated film is arguably one of her biggest roles, which she was hoping to use to her advantage after running into former NBA player Kevin Garnett on the red carpet.

“My son is a basketball player,” she explains. “I didn’t want to bother Kevin Garnett, but then I thought if he has young daughters, maybe I could do like, a little something for them and he could do a little something for my kid.”

Garnett makes a cameo in the upcoming crime thriller, which is already generating Oscar buzz, thanks to an award-worthy performance from Sandler.

“I go where the projects are great and the creative teams are great,” Menzel says of signing on. “The Safdie brothers and Adam was just something I couldn’t turn down.”

Her role shows off a different side of the multi-talented performer, highlighting the “Wicked” lead’s acting chops rather than her vocal prowess.

“It’s exciting to be in something where I wasn’t actually singing,” Menzel admits. “I could…you know, show people I can be impactful as an artist without necessarily singing a song.”

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