Idina Menzel At ‘Disenchanted’ Premiere, Plus ‘Love Power’ Debuts!

Idina Menzel At ‘Disenchanted’ Premiere, Plus ‘Love Power’ Debuts!

The World Premiere of ‘Disenchanted’ took place last night in Los Angeles! There have been lots of new interviews, including an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, so I’ve created a Youtube playlist with all of them so far. I will also be updating the playlist so keep checking back. She also spoke with D23 Inside Disney and you can listen to that (around 13:30) here. Here are some photos from the premiere as well as The Late Late Show:

The film’s single, “Love Power” (End Credit Version) performed by Idina Menzel, produced by Lindgren & Ryan Tedder and mixed by Curtis Douglas, also debuted today!! According to Idina, this is a “more modern, pop version” that she sang specifically for the end credits. There is different version in the movie that she sings as her character, Queen Nancy. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to hear the movie version, as well. The digital soundtrack from Walt Disney Records will be released on November 18, and is available for Pre-Save/Pre-Add here. ‘Disenchanted’ will also be released tomorrow, exclusively on Disney+!

Idina Menzel to Appear on ‘Celebrity IOU’

Idina Menzel is appearing on the heartwarming home renovation show ‘Celebrity IOU’ on Monday, November 21! She will team up with Jonathan and Drew Scott to gift a life-changing surprise to her good friend and son’s basketball coach. It’s a race against the clock as she calls on Jonathan and Drew to turn his unused garage into a showstopping retreat and training facility. Tune in Monday at 9|8c on HGTV!

The promotional photo is also in the gallery:

“Idina Menzel: Which Way To The Stage?” Premiere in NYC

Idina Menzel’s new documentary, “Idina Menzel: Which Way To The Stage?” premiered at DOC NYC in New York City on Sunday! I went to the premiere and LOVED the movie! I don’t want to post any spoilers but we got a VERY up close and personal look at Idina and her highs and lows during that period as well as a lot of unseen footage of young Idina. The director, Anne McCabe, did a wonderful job of introducing her to people who need the introduction while still keeping it very fresh and interesting for those of us who’ve been enlightened. It really captures Idina’s characteristic humor and vulnerability and of course, the musical sequences were spectacular! I laughed, I got choked up, I got goosebumps. In short, you’re going to love it when it premieres December 9 on Disney+! If you really don’t want to wait, you can still buy a ticket to stream it via DOC NYC until November 27.

Before the screening, Idina said a few words:

The screening was followed by a Q&A with Idina, Anne McCabe, and producer Rachel Cohen. The talk was moderated by playwright Joshua Harmon (Skintight).

Afterwards, there was an after party at Tao Downtown where Idina mingled with guests and also recorded a few interviews, including this one with Sentimental Men podcast.

As if her day hadn’t been busy enough, in the evening, Idina presented the award for ‘Best Documentary Feature’ at the 7th annual Critics Choice Documentary Awards.

I also updated the gallery with photos from each event. Some are tagged but I’ll replace them if I can get untagged ones!

Critics Choice Documentary Awards:

“Idina Menzel: Which Way To The Stage?” Premiere:

Of course, “Disenchanted” is being released on Friday, so check back because a lot more is happening this week!

‘Idina Menzel: Which Way To The Stage?’ Official Trailer

‘Idina Menzel: Which Way To The Stage?’ Official Trailer

The official trailer for Idina Menzel’s Disney+ documentary, ‘Idina Menzel: Which Way To The Stage?’, is here! The doc follows Idina over the course of 16 shows on tour as she juggles the challenges of being a working mom with a grueling travel schedule. It looks amazing, I’m so excited!

The World Premiere is taking place this Sunday at DOC NYC, America’s largest documentary festival! The in-person screening will feature a Q&A with Idina Menzel and the film’s director, Anne McCabe. There is also a streaming option so you can see it before the official release on December 9. Tickets and more details are available here.

Disney also released a new clip from “Disenchanted” today! Watch that here:

New ‘Disenchanted’  Preview!

New ‘Disenchanted’ Preview!

Disney debuted a new trailer for ‘Disenchanted’ and it features – drumroll, please – Idina singing! On that note, the official soundtrack is now available to “pre-save” here. It will be released on November 18, just like the movie. Idina also shared her official character poster with a very clever caption, “Different kingdom. Still Queen. 👸🏻” I also added it to the gallery.

In other movie news, it was announced that ‘American Murderer’ will be released on on Blu-ray and Digital/DVD on December 13! The DVD & Blu-ray special features are:

  • Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Matthew Gentile
  • Proof of Concept Short
  • Preparing for “Action”: The Visual Design of American Murderer
  • What’s Left Behind: Making American Murderer
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