Fan Story | Alexandria E.

My boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to go to Tampa, FL (8 hour drive) to see Idina December 1, 2012. I had picked out the hotel but when we went to book it, it was packed so we had to go with the one next door. We arrived at the hotel around 2 in the afternoon and decided we were going to walk across the street to the venue to see if we could find the stage door before the show so we didn’t get lost after the show. We found it and as we were walking up to the area, we heard people yelling Idina’s name. At first I was confused but then I saw someone walking across the street in front of us. It was Idina. We picked up our pace and got to the door just in time to hear her tell another fan that she would be right back out. So we decided to wait. I had written her a letter that I planned on giving her after the show but decided that since she was coming back out I’d give it to her then. About 30 minutes later she returned. She talked to the little girl for a few minutes then as she began to walk away I asked if I could give her my letter. She smiled at me and took the letter. We were able to take a picture at the time as well but she wasn’t looking at the camera.

On the way back to the hotel I was freaking out. This was my 5th concert and this was the first time I was able to talk to her. We got to the Main Street and my boyfriend told me the Idina was right behind us. We stood at the crosswalk together and I was too nervous to say anything to her (although there was so much going through my head). We got to the hotel and walked in and realized….we were staying in the same hotel she was.

After the show, my boyfriend, a girl I met at the concert (she was sitting next to me at the show), and I went to the stage door. Idina came out but it went by so quick we didn’t get to see her. Well, the girl we had met really needed to go to the bathroom so we invited her to our room to go. When she finished she asked if we wanted to go downstairs and smoke (she didn’t know Idina was staying in our hotel). Outside my boyfriend and the girl were sitting on the steps and I was standing in front of them facing the hotel. Before I knew what was happening, Idina walked out. I dont know what got into me but I went up to her and asked if she had a chance to read my letter yet. She asked if I was Alexandria (I about passed out). I told her that I was and she asked if we could talk. She pulled me over to the side and talked to me about my letter. I don’t want to discuss what our talk was about but I will say that I’ve never met someone who cares about their fans as much as Idina. After our talk the girl asked Idina if she could take her picture and Idina said yes. I began to walk away so she could take her picture but Idina caught my arm and pulled me into the picture.

Well Idina’s friends showed up and she walked across the street and my legs gave out from under me and I began crying. She turned around in the middle of the street and said “I’m going to worry about you, Alexandria.” And then left. Thank god the other hotel was booked, huh? It was the best experience of my life.



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