Fan Story | Camille R.

I came across this section of Idina-Here a few years ago and I thought “Wow, these stories are incredible. I hope I get to write one of these stories one day.” And now I finally get to!
I first discovered Idina in April of 2007 when I saw Wicked in Los Angeles back when it had its engagement at the Pantages. I walked into the theater not expecting to like it at all. But I walked out of the theater a changed person. I was so blown away by the entire show that the second I got home I rushed onto Itunes and bought the Wicked soundtrack. As soon as I downloaded the CD onto my Ipod, I listened to “Defying Gravity” and heard Idina’s voice for the first time. I thought to myself “DANG, who is this person?! She can sing!” After that moment, I knew Idina was my idol.

I listened to all of her albums over 1,000 times, watched Rent almost every single day, and fell in love with her music and thought she was one of the coolest people ever (and I still do!). When I found out she was going on tour and she was not only stopping by where I live (San Diego) but also having a meet and greet, I freaked out. I was dying to see her in concert and to also meet her. I entered the meet and greet but unfortunately I didn’t win. I was incredibly bummed. I thought that I would never get a chance to meet Idina.

But luckily, my dream came true! I was on vacation with my family in Cancun, Mexico when the meet and greet winners for her Los Angeles concert that was a few months after her San Diego concert were announced. I immediately checked my email once I heard about the meet and greet news. I almost had a heart attack when I saw “IDINA MEET AND GREET LOS ANGELES CONCERT” at the top of my inbox. I held my breath and closed my eyes as the email opened and tried not to keep my hopes up. When the email finally opened, I couldn’t believe what it said… “Dear Camille, CONGRATS, you will be apart of the August 15th meet and greet in Los Angeles. I have you and your guest on the list.” I had to do a double take and refresh the page a few times because it seemed so surreal. I couldn’t believe I actually GOT A SPOT! I started screaming and jumping up and down and running around my hotel room, almost bursting into tears. I must have called my friend Caroline, who was my guest for the meet and greet, over 50 times despite the large amount of money it costs to call long distance and when she finally picked up the phone we both couldn’t stop screaming and saying how excited we were.

When the day of the concert came, I was so excited I could barely breathe. I had never thought this day would ever become a reality. Once the concert ended and I waited along with Caroline and my mom for Idina to come out, I couldn’t stop shaking. But when she finally did, I had no words. I was finally able to get up to meet her and I managed to spit out “H… Hi… Idina!” and I handed her my copy of her “I Stand” CD and a copy of her “Brave” piano sheet music. “Hi! What’s you’re name?” she said in a friendly tone. I told her my name and she signed my Brave lyrics “To Camille, With Love, Idina Menzel” and she also signed my CD. She was kind of in a rush because she had to get to a party but Caroline and I managed to give her this little wagon which we decorated and had this whole story behind. She said that it was gorgeous and thanked us, even though the whole wagon thing was completely ridiculous and now that I look back at it I am so embarrassed because we looked like complete idiots haha. But that’s alright… I guess… Before I left though, I managed to tell her that “Brave” meant so much to me and that it has helped me through so much. She thanked me again and also complimented me on my purse, which was pretty awesome haha. When we finally left, I managed to say “Bye, Idina!” and she turned around as she was signing more autographs and said “Bye!”

I felt like the whole meet and greet was a complete dream because it all seemed so surreal and I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. It was such a dream come true! Idina is truly one of the nicest, sweetest, kindest, most friendliest person I have ever met. I hope to meet her again very soon, and maybe not embarrass myself, or give her another wagon.

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