Fan Story | Jennifer

So, I have to admit, the concert I was at was probably not one of Idina’s best concerts, she seemed very ‘out-of-it’ if you know what I mean. She even told us that she was super exhausted because she was up all night with Walker. But I still had an amazing time. Anyway I had written Idina this letter. It was “39 Reasons Why I Love Idina” cause Idina is 39 years old (as of right now). I had spent a really long time writing and re-writing this trying to make it perfect because I wanted to give it to her at the stage door. So finally we are at the stage door and there are HUNDREDS of people all trying to push their way to the front for autographs. So of course, I was in the very back. Luckily, however, I was standing next to this girl and I had told her I wrote Idina this letter and I HAD give it to her, so she PUSHED me to the front as Idina was making her way to general area of where we were standing. So naturally, like everyone else, I was screaming “Idina! Idina!” and she didn’t look. So finally I said “Idina I wrote you a letter!” and she look up at me… about to pass out, she said “can you give it to my person” (the person who was carrying her bags and purse and stuff). So I handed it to him and she said “thank you sooooo much!!!!”. I didn’t get her autograph. But I was the ONLY fan she had actually TALKED to because I was watching her the whole time. I felt so special and I could barely breathe!!! I found out later that the girl who had pushed me to the front had sacrificed her chance of getting an autograph from Idina just so I could give her my letter. She was a true Fanzel!!!! So that’s my story. I don’t know if Idina ever read my letter, or will ever read it. I didn’t put a return address on it or anything so I guess I will never know. I don’t know why, but I’m glad I didn’t put any contact info. And I am truly grateful to have that interaction with her that no one else had. Being in the presence of Idina was l
ike being in the presence of an angel. I hope that everyone will experience it one day. :)

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