Fan Story | Jennifer P.

So it was July 25,2008 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL when I met Idina Menzel for the first time. BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE! (seriously.) During her concert, Idina began to sing “Gorgeous”. All of a sudden I see this man get up and give her a bouquet of flowers on stage. I’ve made Idina a drawing that I wanted to give her after the show,so I stayed in my seat. My older cousin who came along, told me, “Jenny! Get up and give it to her now! There might not be a chance she’ll come out after the show. Go!” So I did. I got to the stage and looked at her. Amazed of her beauty and presence I began to reach out a bit, and she looked at me. I told her I made it for her and she said thank you. I ran to my seat and enjoyed the rest of the show. After the concert, like most hardcore fans(lol),many of us waited outside of the stage door to wait for Idina. To pass time,we sang a lot of her songs and had an awesome time. Then things turned undeniably bad. It was 1:15 in the morning and my uncle called saying that it was getting too late and that we should get home. Unfortunately, Idina hadn’t come out yet,so I was extremely disappointed. I walked slowly to the car looking like I was going to cry,and all I hear is my cousin saying how sorry she was,and that she knows how much I wanted to get Idinas autograph. So,we’re trying to make it out,but my cousin had no idea where the exit was,so she made a random turn around the corner of the building. When we turn,I see a large group of people and flashing cameras around someone. I freaked. I began to yell, “I don’t care what your dad says!! I’m going!!!” I get out of the car while its still trying to slow down,and make my way into the crowd. And there she was. When she finally got to me I gave her my cd to sign and I told her I hope she liked the drawing I gave to her,and she said in a nice way that she really did like the drawing :) And I repeat: BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE! I was so happy that I could’nt sleep for like 2 hours.

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