Fan Story | Riley K.

On January 15, 2011 I was in New York City for one purpose and one purpose
only; to see Wicked on Broadway. Sure, I’ve seen the pirated tapes on Youtube, who hasn’t? But this was going to be the real deal. So, at two o’clock I walked (stupid decision) with my mother from the Waldorf to the Gershwin. Wicked was fantastic and I was fangirling the entire time (as to be expected). Time for dinner, and it was restaurant week, (stupid us) hadn’t made reservations. So we called around to see if there were any open tables at some of our favorite places. Thankfully we found one at a fantastic little place called the Maialino.

About halfway through dinner I looked up at the front door and I saw someone who looked “suspiciously like Idina Menzel”. I started freaking out about three minutes later when I saw Taye. So I squealed, quietly mind you, and my mother daringly followed them and their friends back to their table while I sat at ours and was at a point of near hyperventilation. My mother came back with an autographed dirty napkin and the words “She wants to meet you.” So a few minutes later we walked back and there she was. We talked for four or five minutes about lots of things that I have committed to memory; bass guitar being sexy, Smashing Pumpkins (she’s a fan), and necklaces. I made an ass out of myself and tripped over my tongue more times in those few minutes than I have in my entire life combined. But she was amazing and so friendly, (also short).

This took my fangirling to a whole new extreme. I’m fairly certain I squealed at least an F8…

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