Fan Story | Ruthie

Okay, so I was a massive fan of Idina’s for many years all the way from Cardiff, UK, so I had always learned to love her from accross the pond and never expected to see her live, as much and as often as I dreamed of it. So when Wicked London announced that they had done the sensible thing and asked Idina to come over and open the show, I was absolutley the most excited I think I have ever been!! I saw the show with my Mum on September 18th, and with much persuasion, I went to join the troops at stage door, armed with Idina’s CD just incase I was lucky enough to meet her.

I waited and waited in the cold, kept telling my Mum I was too nervous and wanted to leave, but she encouraged me to just wait a little longer. The all of a sudden, there was Idina. I had no idea what to say to her, I had planned stuff to say for many years and now the time had come my mind went blank and I just stood there grinning like a complete and utter loon. Along came Idina and I managed to get the words out of my mouth “Please would you mind signing my CD instead of my program?!” she was lovely and so enthusiastic about me having her CD, and actually thanked me
for having it! I personally think everyone should have it as it is slightly awesome :) Anyway, my Mum then asked her if she could take a picture of me and Idina. Idina was lovely and said of course she could, and she came down to my level as we watched my Mum turn my camera off instead of taking a picture. Great. Idina laughed and told us she would come back to us. However there were tons of people and there was no way she was going to make her way back to us. But then as I was looking at my Mum with a wide open mouth in amazement, I turned around and Idina was there waiting for us :)
Aww!! So this time my Mum took a picture but forgot to put the flash on, so I now have a wonderfully blurry picture of Idina and me, which is pretty comical seeing as my Mother’s prefession is photography. Oh dear.

Sooo anyway (I do appologise, this story is mega long!!) as we watched the sooo lvoely Idina walking away, I suddenly remembered the card I had made her, and I had forgotten to give her. my Mum shoved the card into my hands and told me to go and try give it to her. So I joined the crowds who were all shouting “EYEDEENER” and what have you at her, and quietly just said “Idina??”. Somehow she heard me and turned around and smiled (probably thinking what NOW??! Ha ha!!) but she was so lovely and waited for me to get to her, and to give her the card I had made. She seemed so happy “You MADE a card??!” and we walked to her car talking but I am not quite sure what about exaclty as it is all a bit blurred. Something about the card and not getting it wet in the rain. Hmm. Anyway,we got to the car and Idina put out her hand to me and squeezed mine. I told her it was amazing to meet her and thank you so much, and she said “You too” (clearly it is
very exciting to meet a short blonde Welsh girl ;)), then she got into the car and away it went.

So yeah, that is my first meeting Idina, and I think it was pretty much the best, she was SO LOVELY :) I met her several times after that and she was just the same, always so friendly. On her last night I thanked her for coming over to London (as she signed my Elsie Moo Cow from RENT!), and she said “Thank you so much for having me!”. Idina, it was an absolute pleasure. NOW COME BACK AND DO SOME CONCERTS, WE MISS YOU!!!!

Much love, Ruthie XoXoXoXoXo

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