Fan Story | Sheeva M.

I have been a fan of Idina’s for over 6 & a half years now. I saw Wicked in March 2008 & immediately became obsessed with show & especially Idina. I’ve seen her live in concert 3 separate times but alas each time I never got the chance to meet her after the show. My sister & I took a trip to see If/Then in April 2014, the show was phenomenal & Idina was of course brilliant. My sister & I waited for quite a while after but unfortunately Idina did not come out of the stage door. My hopes of meeting her were quite crushed & after being a HUGE fan of hers for 6 years at that point I had very well felt like my dream of meeting her was an extremely improbable fantasy.

August 17th, 2014… My sister & I took another trip to NYC, acquired tickets to Matilda the Musical (which was FANTASTIC by the way…). I had done my research beforehand & had found out that the theatre for If/Then was only 2 blocks away from the Matilda Theatre. After begging my sister to go to the stage door at If/Then after the show, she finally agreed to go do it. Of course after curtain call I booked it from the Shubert theatre to Richard Rogers, lost my sister, but made it there just in time for the security guys to be setting up the barricades by the stage door. It was perfect timing. Next thing I know a nice, black car pulls up at the curb and the barricades line up directly towards it. There was no doubt in my mind that she would be coming out of the stage door & I had the perfect spot right next to the car & at the front of the barricade… So finally, after waiting for an hour… I start losing oxygen & fall over a bit as she comes out but my sister picked me back up & reassured me that I needed to get it together!!! There she is, looking stunning as ever even though she is literally dressed in converse, sweatpants & a baggy sweatshirt. As she gets close, my word vomit begins… “OMG IS THIS REAL RIGHT NOW?!” Idina hears the comment & smiles at me. Then I just went right for it, she was signing things so quickly that I knew I had to say what I wanted to say fast. “HI IDINA MY NAME IS SHEEVA, I’VE BEEN A FAN FOR 6 YEARS SINCE I WAS AN AWKWARD 12 YEAR OLD. YOU’VE MADE SUCH A POSITIVE IMPACT ON MY LIFE & I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.” Idina was very genuine (even though I’m sure she was probably freaked by my craziness), she said thank you & said that that was so nice to hear. She even laughed at my joke!!!! So as she’s walking away I blurt out “Is it okay… If I…. Um… Give you a hug???!?!” (I probably looked INSANE at this point) Idina politely responded “Yes!! Hold on I’ll be right back”. She goes & signs more stuff & I truly didn’t think she would remember to come back. But she did. She looked for me in the crowd, smiled real big & pulled me in for a very genuine & warm hug. After she hugged me she got in the car & drove off as screaming fans cheered for her. It was truly the happiest moment of my life, Idina you will forever be my queen.


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