The 64th Annual American Theatre Wing’s Tony Awards were earlier tonight, and Idina was in attendance as a presenter. She introduced the performance for nominated musical Ragtime, and brought her mother Helene as her guest as Taye is currently out of the country. You can download her red carpet interview with NY1, her on-air presentation, and view numerous photos of her in her amazing Carolina Herrera gown below.

NY1 – June 13, 2010
Description: Interview on the red carpet.
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Tony Awards 2010 – June 13, 2010
Description: Televised presentation of Idina’s introduction of Ragtime.
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And of course, the gorgeous photos:

6 thoughts on “2010 TONY AWARDS

  1. Aw, Idina’s Mum is so sweet! She seems like a really lovely person :) Haha! Ladies and germs – my Mum and Dad used to say that too :L Can’t imagine how proud her family must be of her :) And Dee – I know you’re addicted to Walker (I would be too :P), but we’d all love it if you canme back to Broadway REALLY soon! xox

  2. Erin – Have you got the footage of her on the actual show? Because we can’t get it on stream in the UK & it isn’t on youtube yet. Cheers x

  3. I’ll work on Idina’s actual appearance on the show later today. Thanks for reminding me, I kinda forgot with the overall excitement of the night!

  4. I LOVED when they annouced Idina’s name when she was going to tell the winner, and everyone was clapping for her and she had to speak over the crowed in order to announce the winner. That shows you how much people like
    I also like how after Lea Michelle sang they zoomed up on Idina clapping its like so I couldn’t believe that was Idina’s mom! I also couldn’t believe that Idina and Kristin were both hosting the Tony’s to bad they couldn’t host together or something.

  5. Idina & Kristin weren’t hosting the awards. They were both presenters, though.

    If you check the Tonys gallery, you will, however, see a photo of them together.

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