2014 in Review

I really wanted to post this before the year was over but personal circumstances kept me mostly away from the web for a while. Still, 2014 was such a huge year for Idina that I didn’t want to let the opportunity pass to remember all that went on last year. And because I’m all about making you guys part of the site, will you help me create this list?

The task is simple: just leave a comment with your favorite 2014 moment. Maybe it was a big moment, like Idina performing at the Academy Awards. Maybe it was a smaller one, like something she said in an interview or the video where she complains about the camera angle. Anything goes as long as it’s Idina related and it happened in 2014.

Pictures, videos and audio are welcome! If possible say why it’s important or add some info about your chosen moment. If this gets more than just a few comments, I’ll create a page so all these great moments look pretty in once place for posterity ;)

15 thoughts on “2014 in Review

  1. My favorite moments were 1) when she appeared on The Chew and the Rockettes interrupted her interview and she said “Nobody puts baby in a corner.” I love this moment because it was her way of saying ‘Look, I’ve worked hard to get to this point, let me have my moment’. And 2) when she performed at the iHeart Radio Theatre and she cursed in the middle of the performance and she just said “They’ll just have to edit it out. I’ve gotta be who I am.” This was the reminder I needed to just be myself. Also, her response to the haters on NYE was awesome (but that’s technically 2015).

  2. Having her name mispronounced by John Travolta. That whole moment like shot off her year to be completely memorable and filled with everything that happened afterwards, i.e., Tonys, Radio City concert, CMA Country Christmas, etc. When it happened everyone couldn’t stop talking about her and started finding out about who she is and what she does

  3. My 2 favorite moments were 1) when John Travolta called her Adele Dazeem! and 2) when she performed at Radio City and she had her wardrobe malfunction, (not because it was embarrassing) but because it helped her become even more known!

  4. It’s so hard to choose one favorite moment when she’s done so many great things this year. I loved seeing her in If/Then a few times and the best memories are when she made mistakes and laughed…showing she is human after all. My most favorite memory is the iheartradio concert because I was lucky enough to go. She was her amazing, honest and beautiful self throughout the show. After she was kind enough to take pictures with the few of us that waited at the stage door too. I can’t wait to see what wonderful things 2015 has in store for her!

  5. I also loved when Idina was on the Macy`s Thanksgiving Day Parade! She was amazing! Her after parade tweet was funny to! She said “Freezing my butt of on this float!”

  6. My birthday gift to myself in June…seeing Idina perform at RCMH and two performances of IF/THEN!!!

  7. My seeing Idina perform live for the first time in If/ Then. I treated myself to a 3rd row seat from the stage and I was truly in total awe. Hearing Idina’s phenomenal voice live for the first time will always be a truly unforgettable, very special, cherished memory. I hear her heart every time she sings & it really touches my heart as well. Other Idina memories were the Souncheck spot she and Tom Kitt did, the I Heart concert, catching her Bloomimgdale’s outdoor Christmas spot live, loved her on the CMA Christmas TV special. ALL of Idina’s TV appearances were so great to see, really.

  8. Hello everyone, ok going outside the square here. My top three fav moments were: 1) Supporting the troops and military families through USO. I am a military wife myself and my husband spent his first christmas overseas since our son was born. It’s been really tough some days. But to give up your time for something like that… It’s something special. 2) Practically confirming the making of Frozen 2 in one interview “It’s all in the works.” And then retracting the comment in another interview “I mean, I really don’t know. I just assume that’s what they’ve been up to.” Priceless. 3) Being secretly happy that her website crashed shortly after her world tour announcement. Shows modesty, which is kinda nice… Wish I lived in NY…..

  9. i made this and so this pretty much sums it up for me. It’s been an amazing year for Idina and one of my favorite moments of her was when I saw her twice in If/Then, and she came out to stage door and said, “You better not sell this on eBay!” Love her so much

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