It’s time to launch the second of Idina-Here’s Season of Contests! Last time, we had you digging through photos that someone else had taken. This time, you’re going to be the photographer! Charge up those batteries and free up space on your memory cards. Here we go!

Take a photograph of something that exists in your environment, whether it’s a building, a sign, a friend or family member, yourself, etc, that, by that image alone, can represent one of Idina’s songs. Confused? Here are a couple examples:

“Defying Gravity”



  • You may use any song Idina has professionally recorded. This means IDINA’S songs from RENT, The Wild Party, Wicked, See What I Wanna See, Still I Can’t Be Still, Here, I Stand, or any benefit/soundtrack/duet recordings that were released for sale (nothing from Joe’s Pub or Adam Pascal’s “One Song Glory”).
  • You may enter up to FIVE (5) photos.
  • Photos must be your own new, original work. Turn on the date display on your camera and make sure it’s accurate!
  • Photos must not contain any text that gives away the song title.
  • Idina may NOT be in the photo. I know – this is very sad.
  • No fancy Photoshop tricks.
  • No videos.
  • Resize your photos to 1024px wide to be more easily displayed.
  • Rename your images with the song titles they represent (ex: DefyingGravity.jpg).
  • Zip/compress your photos (by putting all of the photos into a folder titled with your name, right-clicking [control + click for Macs] and selecting the “Send to…Compressed Folder” or “Compress” option) into a single folder with your first name/last initial (ex: and email the .zip file to contest[at] with SEPTEMBER CONTEST as your subject.
  • Photos must be received by 11:59 pm ET, 9/30/09

    On October 1, all photos will be added anonymously to the Idina-Here gallery where they will remain for posterity. If you do not wish your photos to stay in the gallery after the contest ends, please tell me in your entry email. Credit will be given to photographers upon contest-end. A link to this gallery will be posted in a news update and on Twitter. Everyone, even those who don’t enter the photography contest, will get to review the photos and submit their song title guesses for each photo via e-mail. I will post more details for PART II at that time.

    The photographer of the image that gets the most correct guesses from the fans will receive a personalized & autographed Idina Menzel lithograph! The fan that gives the most correct answers will receive an autographed, limited edition copy of I Stand.

    If you have general questions on PART I of the contest, please ask in the comments here. If you have a specific question about your entry and don’t want to give away what you’re working on, you may send me an e-mail. Do not ask about PART II yet, please. Contest is open to everyone, all ages, worldwide.

    Have fun, and get creative!

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