Yesterday morning, Idina appeared on the NYC radio station, Z100, and gave a great interview about herself and Rent! The audio has been added to the station’s official site here, and I’ll also be adding the link to the Interview/Chat Sounds Page so it’ll be there for reference.

Also, I have uploaded (thanks to a very special person who recorded it) a interview segment that the cast of Rent did last Friday on SIRIUS Satellite Radio with Seth Rudetsky. Click here to download it (it’s almost an hour in length) – It features funny interviews with the cast and many of the most popular songs on the Soundtrack are also showcased. :D Enjoy!

NOTE: I have gotten quite a few e-mails from people letting me know about Rent cast appearances, videos, interviews, photos, magazines, etc… This I appreciate very very much, and for those of you have have written, I thank you. — However, I remind you all that this is an Idina Menzel Fan Site, not a Rent Fan Site… As much as I would love to add all these links to interviews with Adam, Tracie, Anthony, etc, I just don’t have room for it. If Idina is not featured, it doesn’t have a place on this site. I encourage everyone looking for other information on the movie and its cast to visit the amazing Rent Fan Site,, or the active online forums for the movie and show, Compulsive Bowlers and the Live Journal communities, Rent_the_Movie and Rent. I check these avidly everyday, and it is the best place to put up and find media and information related to other members of the cast. I apoloize to those who would like me to add it here. But as of right now, it’s too much. Thanks __ <3 Kim

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