Hey everyone! It’s Kim, and I’m back from a month-long trip to Europe. I want to thank Erin for contributing news and keeping this site updated in my absence. She will (hopefully!) continue to help out on the site by posting news in order to keep this site the most complete source for Idina news.

Since I was away, there were definitely a lot of incredible appearances by Idina, and pictures definitely littered the web! I’ve added a huge collection of pics from various events to the Gallery, including the following:

  • Tony Awards 2008 (x61)
  • 8th Annual Trevor Project (x30)
  • Water Club Opening (x9)

    Now that I’m back, I’m going to be able to work on some sections of the site that have been neglected (*cough*fancorner*cough*). Also, more audio clips will be added, hopefully VERY SOON. But again, a huge THANK YOU to Erin for keeping everyone informed (including me!) during the past month.

    So… those who’ve seen Idina’s early summer concerts… DID YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME?? feel free to share!

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