I definitely wanted to wait until I got this all confirmed before reporting back, but I’ve been informed that Idina was slated to record a song for the new Robert Zemeckis film, Beowulf, which comes out in theaters in the US on November 16th (worldwide release dates can be found here.) The song is titled “A Hero Comes Home”, and it’s produced by Glen Ballard specifically for the film. The song will be featured on the movie’s soundtrack, which will be released on November 13th.

While at WBR yesterday, I was able to hear the song, and it truly is beautiful and epic – very different from her solo material, but incredible nonetheless (it may well be one of my fav tracks of hers right now – I’m a sucker for songs in movies. wassat) It incorporates the intensity of the film’s score, and begins to play at the end of the film through the closing credits. This makes the song eligible for an Academy Award nomination for Best Song (and from what I’ve heard, both the studio and WBR have high hopes for it in that aspect.)

As a result of Idina’s involvement in the film, she will be attending the Los Angeles Beowulf premiere on November 5th, and may be involved in further press junkets for the film. Any further information will be posted once I find out about it.

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