As you’re likely aware, Idina has a pretty big birthday coming up! She’ll be turning 40 (no, that’s not a typo) on May 30th. Several months ago, the folks on IMMB started trying to plan a birthday project, but it has since fizzled out. They came up with a really cool idea, though, so I thought I’d resurrect it and invite all fans to participate! It should be easy, affordable, and comfortable enough for everyone, so read on for details.

Step 1) Get a postcard that features your current city/state/country/whatever best represents where you live. Buy one, draw one, print one off your computer – whatever you want to do.

Step 2) Write your birthday wishes to Idina on the back and mail it to:

Idina Menzel Fanmail
215 Park Avenue South, Suite 1403
New York, NY 10003

Step 3) Mail it by May 20 (or earlier, if you’re sending from the other side of the world). Yes, you can mail it as early as you like. All postcards will be held until her birthday when they’ll be delivered as a whole set.

That’s it! Please do not mail your postcard inside an envelope or with any other package, as the postcards will be flagged and collected to be given to Idina separate from her usual fan mail. Remember that this will not be considered fan mail, and you will not receive a response as you may from traditional fan mail.

The end product will not just be birthday wishes, but a visual representation of where Idina’s fans reside worldwide. I think it’s cool. Hopefully y’all do, too!

5 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY PROJECT 2011

  1. AWESOME IDEA!! I don’t think Idina realizes what a world wide fan base she has. Let’s not disappoint, get those postcards on their way.

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