Changing of the Guard Part Troix

Hi everyone! Erin here – your old webmaster (2009-2011) and now Idina’s Digital Strategy Manager.

As many of you may remember, periodically we change Webmasters at Idina-Here to keep things fresh and focused; new blood, if you will. In 2009, I inherited this site from its amazing founder, Kim. In 2011, I passed it to my good and longtime friend, Jill. This time has come again.

I want to thank Jill for her contributions and dedication to the site the last few years (2011-2014). She is a great friend and fan and the site wouldn’t have survived without her.

Now, the fresh blood: Flor is our new webmaster. (Group: Hi, Flor!) She has been a fan for many years and is an experienced webmaster and website designer. In fact, she’s responsible for many of the designs you see right here on Idina-Here! I trust she will continue improving this great site to keep it the amazing resource the three of us have built.

Stay tuned for some exciting changes and updates – and Flor’s first post!

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