Cinderella out now on Amazon Prime & Select Theaters!

Cinderella is out now on Amazon Prime and in select theaters! The soundtrack is also available now! Head straight to your favorite streaming service and listen to Dream Girl, written by Idina and Laura Veltz because it is AMAZING!

I’ve rounded up a bunch of reviewer’s praise for Idina’s performance below. Congratulations, Idina!

“for the most effective use of a star here, look to Idina Menzel, who lends texture to the usually one-note “evil” stepmother. And, of course her clarion singing voice — which we can objectively say is the finest in the land.” Associated Press via ABC News

“the real scene stealer turns out to be Idina Menzel, who brings an impressive level of dignity and complexity to Cinderella’s stepmother, who in this version is less evil and more cynically pragmatic. Menzel joins the ranks of Bernadette Peters, Anjelica Huston, and Cate Blanchett as women who’ve put a nuanced spin on the fairy tale baddie—although she’s so far the only one to do so while singing Madonna’s “Material Girl” in front of a hot farm boy.” AV Club

“culminating in an empowering musical number (“Dream Girl” [written by Idina Menzel and Laura Veltz]) in which all the women, led by Vivian, join together to sing about the stifling, suffocating societal sexism they’ve endured. This showstopper hits like a sledgehammer to the glass ceiling that restrains them all.” Variety

“Alongside her is the incredible Idina Menzel as her stepmother, who also takes a well-known character and brings a thoughtful twist to what we know with a more subtle and complex version of Cinderella’s enemy. Menzel’s voice carries the most weight in Cinderella, and it’s enough to send chills.” CinemaBlend

“Of course, vocal powerhouses Porter and Menzel do not disappoint, and their numbers rank as the stand-outs.” The Wrap

“Idina Menzel is her usual spectacular self as arguably the most nuanced and empathetic “evil” stepmother in “Cinderella” history.” Chicago Sun-Times

“a perfectly cast Idina Menzel [as Vivian, the Stepmother]” Deadline

“[the stepmother is] deliciously played by Idina Menzel” IndieWire

“[Menzel] excels as an icy, evil stepmother” BuzzFeed News

“Credit must also be given to some powerful original numbers, written by Cabello and Menzel for their characters, with Menzel’s Dream Girl packing a real emotional punch in the film as the musical star offers empathy and nuance to the more traditionally evil stepmother character.” Metro UK

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