I’m sure you’ve all taken the opportunity to listen to the new remixed version of “Defying Gravity” on the new Idina.comNow, it’s available for download on U.S. iTunes for $0.99! You can find the single by doing a search for “Defying Gravity”, and it should appear listed as “Defying Gravity – Single”. There’s also new promotional art (same photo as the new site) that you receive when you download the tune.

“Defying Gravity” Promotional Single

I don’t know if international iTunes sites have the single available yet – but if you live outside the U.S. and use a different iTunes Store, please do a search and make a comment in this post to let others know if it’s there for them. wassat Thanks so much, everyone!

Edit: Thanks to Mads — If you are outside the U.S., there is a tab in the iTunes store that will allow you to change to the U.S. version (thereby accessing the songs available in America.) Payments are likely in U.S. Dollars ($), so that could prove difficult for people dealing with other currencies. It is an option, however.

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