Disenchanted Starts Production!

Disney has announced that Disenchanted, a sequel to 2007’s Enchanted, has begun production and Idina Menzel will reprise her role as Nancy Tremaine! Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden are also reprising their original roles.

Of course, the next question is, “will Idina sing?!” In a recent interview, Stephen Schwartz, who is working on the film’s music with composer Alan Menken, revealed that “in Disenchanted she has one big number and part of another one.” As you may recall, Idina and James originally had a duet called “Enchanted” in the first film but it was ultimately cut.

Here’s the film’s premise:

Disenchanted features the much-anticipated return of Giselle, the princess from the fairy tale world of Andalasia banished to Manhattan who found her real Princess Charming in divorce lawyer Robert Philip. 15 years later, Giselle moves to the suburb of Monroeville with Robert and their teenage daughter Morgan, where she must juggle the challenges that come with a new home and discover what happily ever after truly means to her and her new family.

Disenchated will stream exclusively on Disney+ in 2022!

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