Thank god for Idina’s incredible fans! While I was lazy and couldn’t wake my sorry butt up, Idina’s fans were on it, capturing the stream of Idina’s radio appearance this morning on “Wake Up with Whoopi”! Contrary to what her people at WBR told me, Idina did not end up singing “Where Do I Begin?,” but instead treated us to a brand new song, never-before-heard from her new album, named “I Stand.” As previously posted, she also performed her new single, “Brave.”

The below download is thanks to Ava over on the So Beautiful forum, and it’s the entire show, including a pre-interview with Whoopi on the air. During the show, Idina revealed that she and WBR are still in the process of deciding on the album title – so hopefully we’ll find out once a final decision is made! So please click below to download the appearance, and enjoy! (I will not be adding the individual songs, since they are going to be on her album – but the entire thing together is alright wink)

  • Idina Menzel on “Wake Up with Whoopi” – 9/14/07

    Also, a low-quality video has surfaced of Idina’s performance at the Save the Children benefit last week, where she sang with the Young Peoples’ Chorus of New York. Click here to watch the video on

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