I got it up as fast as I could, so here it is! Idina appeared this morning on Katie Couric’s 3-hour goodbye tribute of “The Today Show”, and I captured the video and uploaded it to download for you all tongue — Visit the Television Videos Page and scroll all the way to the bottom to access the zipped video file. (Make sure to read the download instructions on the Videos Page if you’re unsure how to play it.) Also, please be patient! A lot of people want to download this video, so if it’s running slowly for you, give it some time and come back later. Thanks guys! Oh, and don’t steal the video if you can help yourselves, it was uploaded for this site – danke! wassat

ps. And thanks so much to everybody who left Idina a birthday message in the last update! They were incredibly sweet, and I’m sure that Idina would enjoy them!

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