Thanks to ‘yrutellingme’ & Kevin on So Beautiful Fan Forum, I’ve added the audio download for Idina’s appearance this morning on 106.7 Lite FM. To download, please visit the Audio Interviews page, or click the “download” link on the sidebar. smile

New appearances have been added to the upcoming promotions list on the sidebar.

First, Idina will be appearing on “Good Day LA” on Los Angeles’ FOX11 morning news show on February 7th. The news program is not syndicated (meaning those outside of the LA area can’t watch it on TV), but it is streamed online on the show’s official site. More information on the exact time will be posted when it’s confirmed.

Next, it’s been confirmed by Idina’s manager that she is scheduled to appear on ABC network’s “The View” on February 13th. “The View” airs on weekdays at 10 AM. The video will be added to this site once it’s aired.

I’ve also been told that Idina is scheduled to be on “The Today Show” @ approx. 9:30 AM tomorrow morning, though she may make an appearance with the crowd beforehand. So keep your eyes peeled beginning no later than 9:00 AM!

There are tentative other promotional stops she may be making soon as well, but I will post more about them once they’ve been confirmed.

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